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I wish I could magically go back and gift myself the tools I have now….

I wish I could magically go back and gift myself the tools I have now….

When I was young I often held myself back from experimenting and trying new things if I thought it would result in opening myself up to criticism or failure.  It was important to me to appear strong within my family dynamic. I didn’t want to be singled out so I avoided big ‘challenges’ unless I knew I could be successful. As a child I wanted to please my mother but I grew to resent this role and all the other people I tried to please. I wanted a break from myself – from my mind and from the roles I took on. The defensive, rebellious person I had become was not easy to contain. The disparity between being myself and wanting to be seen in my scripted version required lots of energy and time. I just wanted to relax. I tried meditation, I tried spiritual pursuits, I tried relationships, I tried drugs and I tried work. I thought if I had a professional ‘label’ – that by virtue of it, I would not have to explain myself to others. I left what I liked doing (art and other activities) and spent a lot of money and time choosing to become a teacher. The problem was, I didn’t really want to be a teacher. To now realize it didn’t have to be that way is a gift I would like to share with others.

There’s more of course, but the point is that if I had a tool like the Desteni I Process when I was in my teens and twenties I could have saved myself a ton of grief. I would have seen the patterns and beliefs that drove the impulses and decisions I made and I would have realized I have a choice: to not participate in my drama and get on with my life!

It’s not easy to face the realization that you can’t go back and have a ‘do over’ – so those of you who can avoid this, I strongly urge you to do so.

– Testimonial by JL

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All of my past relationships have failed, because I didn’t have a relationship with myself

Carlton shares his experience of walking the Agreement Course offered by Desteni ‘I’ Process

gears-812133_1280“Ok I’m going to keep this simple, short, real and to the point. IT WORKS, I mean it really works. I am referring to the Desteni I Process Agreement Course, where it has assisted and supported me tremendously in my everyday living and the change from the person I used to be, to a more self-aware person, where I have learned how to communicate effectively and build a relationship with myself, where all of my past relationships have failed, because I didn’t have a relationship with myself and did not know how to communicate with women, let alone anyone else effectively for that matter, meaning the point of me really getting to know someone unconditionally was none existent, it was just getting to know them to the point of me being able to get something self-interest related from them and that was it.

For instance when I would meet a girl, a woman, my communication would only go as far as the basics in asking what’s your name, age , where they were from and if they were in a relationship or not and that was it. Not once did I consider asking their interest or perspective on things, because I was too busy stuck in my mind, thinking as all other male do and/or have done in the same situation, about having sex with them, I mean to really get to know someone unconditionally you first have to stop your mind and without the tools to do that, for me it was virtually impossible. So;

Before I started the DIP Pro Agreement Course, I first signed up for and took the FREE online Course DIP LITE, (Desteni I Process LITE) which assisted me with the tools I needed to stop my mind. I recommend starting with this Free Course, which you can find on the Desteni Website, it did wonders for me as a beginner course in learning about my mind, how and why we think and what thoughts/feeling/emotions are and how to stop them and become more self-aware of who we really are.

Up until the point of finding Desteni and taking a few of their online courses, I can self-honestly say that my life was literally a mess, where all my relationships were collapsing, (it they hadn’t already failed) I constantly found myself in conflict with others people in my world and reality, all the decisions I made, ended up not worth deciding on, although I didn’t admit it to myself, I was a very emotional person, I suppressed everything, anything that had to do with change in myself in anyway what so ever, I resisted and to top it off, I was unreliable. So in laymen terms, this was a God send or might I say God find, that I found Desteni. Lol.

After taking the courses, (and of course I’m still learning) Now, when it comes to conflict situations, I’m learning to breathe myself through them and direct the situation to the best possible outcome. I’m learning how to base all my decisions on that which is best for all life. I’m no longer an emotionally driven and/or reactive person, but instead one that directs my actions. I now investigate/introspect my relationship with myself, to ensure that I am not suppressing and/or harboring any emotion and/or feeling reactions. And most of all, I am now able to communicate effectively with others because I have built an intimate relationship with myself.

So if you are ready to really live life and create a life worth living, full of expression with cool relationships, where you’re able to communicate effectively with everyone you come across, I recommend letting your fingers do the walking straight to the Desteni Website, scroll down to DIP Lite (Desteni I Process Lite) and click on Start Lite.


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Agreement Course for Self-Support – Testimonial

Talamon shares his testimonial after completing the Agreement Course offered by Desteni ‘I’ Process:

DIP-Relationships“Trouble with relationships? Or to even realize how to approach dreams, desires, one’s own mind and challenges? What is Self- and mutual agreement and how to learn to not only understand but be able to change self in accordance what is practical love? This course is really great self-support, I recommend it with full of my ‘heart’!

I studied at different schools, courses, at university, but this was the most difficult and yet also the most rewarding course I have ever walked through, because I was facing, learning how and who I am, what I actually accept and allow, what is currently the self-dishonesty I participate within, which is not only suppresses and compromises my life, but also my present or possible future partner too and some times there was resistance which I had to push myself through but after that I was able to see how I can stop participating and changing myself to stop the fear and inner conflict.

If there is resistance within me, it must be suspicious – why I can be open with myself? What is the reason I block something from myself within? Don’t I trust myself being able to handle this? Or what is it? Fear? I suggest any inner resistances must be understood, because it can hide gifts we did not even consider always avoiding to find within ourselves.

Also to recognize, any automatic judgement towards anything can be based on a resistance based on a conviction fueled by a certain fear of loss – but that judgement really supports me and my partner, my reality and everybody else?

The ability to see the patterns within my starting point and to see what is being compromised with fear and self-interest gives the ability to also understand the WHY, which is also required to be able to find real physical time practical solutions for the difficulties I face not only in relation to who I am but also how I form and live my relationships.

It was a difficult decision when I realized that the relationship I was within was not supporting me and my partner as well, there were too much compromises and bruises which we did not face and solve, thus accumulated our own reactions to the point of having real difficulties to openly communicate, share and agree on points, within which I was kind of stuck, we could not step forward to move and live together, yet we wanted, so I had to realize, I must find a new way on trying to solve the problems I face.

There was hope and regret, desire and suppression, worry and stubbornness, pride and anger, which all mixed together to a point wherein I realized I need a process of self-support – then I was suggested to start walking the Agreement Course.

I was already introduced to another Desteni I Process online course and also to the concept and principle of Self-honesty, Writing and Self-forgiveness, which also supported me in the decision to invest into this course.

Yes, there is a fee, but in comparison to not to pay or to remain within inner conflict, resulting to external conflict, I rather paid for the course, which by I support those who are designing and upgrading this course and also constantly being there for regular chats, reviewing the assignments and giving support not only for me but for many others, so it was a decision I will never regret. Within this world, money also can support life – not equal currently, but currently it is how things move. Also because not only me I see learning and changing, expanding and sharing by the things I learn and change, but also my direct reality, others who are around me, and also the whole reality, which is so to speak the judge of me in terms of what consequences I accumulate what actually remains in this world. In relation to this, relationships.

Agreement is an interesting word, what can I agree with myself? – Sounds silly, but I see it much more clear now, that real intimacy is not about sex, but the ability to open up to the degree of absolute vulnerability and openness and to not lie to myself about what I really want and then to also see why – not stopping where I see a feeling justifying a conviction, but to see what memories, words, resonances I associate with. Is there any fear, selfishness, any compromise which by I am being influenced during my expression, influencing my partner, my relationship?

There is nothing mystical within the human existence, there is not even such thing as ‘truth’ – only denial of what is here. But sometimes HERE is not what being seen, but one’s own interest projected onto the table, thus with twisted, distorted perception we still participate, act and react, which we accept to ‘move’ ourselves by sometimes quite automatically without even stopping for a moment, or only too late to consider – is it really what I want for myself, for the other, is it the best I can be, or there is more potential within myself, in this relationship?
Is there any addiction, obsession, possession which we are not absolutely satisfied with? Can I accept myself as it is to Eternity or is there anything I will be ashamed of when I see all of my life, all of my decisions, thoughts, words, actions? Or is there something I would do differently? Maybe I can change it, my starting point to correct manifested consequences today without the fear, doubt…
For these points, walking Agreement course I am here seeing that I am more open and more clear on what I do and what is what I do not accept within myself and within my relationship, yet to consider where is still I am limiting myself based on a perception which is based on fear. Then to recognize the pattern, to understand it’s source, core – myself – and to take responsibility for and live the principle of ‘give as I would like to receive’ and stop participating before reacting, acting by it again.

Even it sounds as the easiest, the most difficult thing we can face is to be able to be absolutely self-honest with ourselves in all moments within consistency and to recognize that our mind, thoughts, feelings, even emotions can not be trusted until we walk through a process of self-investigation, purification. Because we were not absolutely aware with understanding and presence, direction and clarity when we had our first impressions, formed our own opinions, created our dreams of future, judged ourselves or others, learned the patterns from others. The innocence to return to yet being responsible is not just possible but practically walkable in physical real timeline.

Anyone states ‘I am done, already good enough, perfect’ – must be suspicious, I would not trust that – so then who shall I trust? Myself, of course, it’s common sense, I am always with myself, so not to trust me is not practical, and kind of dis-empowering anyway…

Because if I do not trust myself absolutely, even for a moment – how can I trust within my decisions, within my given trust to others? Or within my perceptions, my feelings, my desires?

So walking Agreement course really can give an edge and support to understand and learn to start trusting oneself and I would really suggest to incorporate somehow such lessons into basic schooling, because it gives the ability to question and answer, stop and change not only our reality, but also ourselves – and there are many people who already have emotional burden, bruises, regret or shame, unfulfilled desire, anger or pity, fear or worry about points and things what can’t admit how one is accepting to be influenced, consumed by…

And there is the saying ‘Time heals’ – well, not everything, time, by itself is not enough, SELF must be the directive principle for real change…

Here is a great article about this exactly:

Time heals all wounds. Does it really? – Day 517

There are doors what we might not even seeing that we closed, we feel resisted to open up, which is necessary for absolutely understand our created mindset, personality, beingness to the specificity which is required to re-learn, to forgive for accepting ourselves to limit, suppress, deny real self-honesty.

This course is also great, because the Buddy who we regularly chat with and reviews our assignment is someone who also walked this course and already faced these aspect of self, with somebody who already walked through the points, so it’s an external point of view if we open up and share to the difficult, intimate points we might not even dare to acknowledge to ourselves that we stuck, we became uncertain.

And there are really cool things which can be done for those who walk with partner – but also many things what can – and even should – be applied towards self, and then to share the result.

There are many topics in this course, like exploring possible self-sabotage points, what we might not even realize because we learned unconsciously from family, the world system, or how to enhance and purify aggression-free communication, how to establish a common vocabulary wherein the meaning of words are agreed upon, thus there is no misunderstanding, or how to approach sex the way that it is not in the mind, but rather shared physical, real enjoyment and share and so much more…
There are so many closed doors among partners, marriage, so to speak ‘lovers’ – but to base partnership according to feelings, thoughts, judgements, desires, which are also changing by the moment, circumstances we are within – also should not be trusted when establishing long-term agreement based on the principle of mutual-self-agreement and support.
So I suggest this course with full of my beingness and I am a living human being that stating within absolute certainty that this is really supportive, worthy for time and effort and it’s invaluable and I have never ever found any similar course/study/support in this world similar, which should not be missed if possible.

I will write more on the agreement and relationship topic later.

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Mike shares his experience in walking Desteni ‘I’ Process Pro:

Desteni-water-dropDIP Pro is a profoundly specific way to learn how our mind functions….and specifically our relationship and responsibility to our Mind, Body and Being Here. It’s quite fascinating to investigate the specifics of my mind…though, I’ve faced tremendous amounts of resistance to actually moving myself through the DIP PRO assignments. As I got into the specifics of mind constructs I hit a sort of road block….the irony here is that moving through a mind construct is sort of like coming face to face with a ‘road block’….and for me within this experience it was difficult because it’s like you see so much of yourself that you have always allowed yourself to kind of skirt or gloss over.

DIP Pro is a one of a kind course that is Profoundly Awesome. The amount of Awe inspiring moments one may experience within this course is “Ridiculously Wow”. You got to check this out for yourself.

I would definitely recommend Anyone who is considering to participate in the Desteni I Process, to DO IT NOW….DON’T DELAY.  I did, and I wouldn’t want that for anyone.  The support and assistance here is so cool. The way the course is structured it is very much rooted in  and as ‘do it yourself’ self-support. Though, equally cool is the point of having a Buddy within the course to which you can cross reference things with…and someone to share your story/process with, as you move through the layers of the mind.

The buddy feature really is something quite special. Your buddy has also walked this process and so they are really here for you to share perspective and insights with…and their ability to relate to you and where you are at is rather profound. The buddy relationship alone is reason enough to invest in DIP Pro.  It is an awesome life enhancement.

DIP Pro, an out of this world course…it’s really that good.

I am grateful for DIP Pro, It’s helped me help myself in making my Life so much more.

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Stepping into Adulthood, DIP beside me

Bitia shares how Desteni ‘I’ Process has assisted her to change her relationship to fear and how she is now walking into the next phase of her life with confidence and self-trust. May her story of self-empowerment be a source of inspiration for many!!

“I began the DIP Prgrass-546794_1280o course 9 months ago. The first thing that I appreciated about it is the way it is structured, because it allows me to work thoroughly with specific points, placing them all first in front of me through writing, then walking the self-forgiveness, and eventually the self-corrective statements.

My longest and most recent completed assignment is one where I covered my fear of going to university. As a youngster of 19 years old, soon stepping out of my “teens” and becoming a young adult, I found myself extremely anxious in the face of new decisions, like choosing the career path that I wanted to undertake, and therefore the kind of future that I want for myself.

Immigrant at the age of 12 with my mother, in a completely different environment from which I grew up, after 7 years, I found myself with mixed feelings, I felt lost, I didn’t know what road my life should take. My family, the culture that I related to, many friends, and my mother tongue were all in Mexico (where I was born), my career, and the hope of a better future were in Canada, in the city of Montreal, and the tranquillity, the friendships, and the joy of living around nature I found in a little village in Canada, 15 hours away from the city. I wanted everything at the same time, but I couldn’t have it, I felt lost, not belonging anywhere. “What do I want my life to look like in the future? What will I define as happiness and self-fulfilment?” – I asked myself. “Who I am, Where do I go, Who will I be?” – Existential questions like these came more often to my mind, from which a certain confusion arose.

That confusion came like a storm in my mind, the worst part of the storm began about 6 months ago, when my body began to show more and more signs and alerts that the anxiety and stress under which I lived everyday, since a very young age, were harming me. A top student, having earned “excellence recognitions” in most of my years of schooling, I felt unfulfilled and unbalanced in the inside, having a highly developed academic intelligence, but lacking a practical and emotional one. I knew that I couldn’t continue living the way I did, in constant pain due to various digestive and dermatological ailments caused by the stress and anxiety that I felt constantly. I felt weak, my emotions were crushing me. I lacked interaction with people around me, due in the most part to the time I devoted to my studies.

My lack of patience and my tendency to overwhelm and drown myself in my own sea of emotions led me to a very dark place inside myself, where I began to think that nothing was really worth it and that I wouldn’t be able to succeed in university with all those emotions taking over me. Even though I had the tools presented in the DIP, I felt weak in the face of my emotions, I didn’t feel capable of overcoming that constant stress and anxiety, and being a calm and directive person, I lacked self-trust. I got to a point where, by the end of my 2 very successful years of College, I almost dropped out and refused my admission to law school, my fear of it was paralyzing, and I considered suicide as a way of ending that internal relentlessness.

I would say that getting to such a low point and almost compromising my future, even though it was very hard, at the same time opened my eyes to considering “living” as a decision, instead of suiciding myself, and if I opt for living, then why not live differently? Do I really need fear and stress? Why do I need to live like this? Why couldn’t I be calm and self-directive? – So, despite my lack of self-trust to handle my emotions, I still gave a try to using the DIP to step out of that state. I wrote my assignment slowly, but thoroughly, and had weekly chats with my buddy, which were very supportive.

When I finished my assignment and read what I had written, I realized that change starts with understanding. By writing what was going on in my mind, structuring it, and answering my own questions until I came to points of realization in the self-forgiveness statements, what I was doing was understanding, understanding how my fear came to be, how it was manifesting itself, and also what consequences it was having and could have had in my life – what happened once I understood what I was doing…to myself…is that, I couldn’t go back to that state of fear again.

It isn’t magic, it is just understanding. Let’s take for example a child that enjoys feeding ducks, but then someone explains to him the detail of how he is harming the animal by feeding him – once the child understands and is aware of this, he can no longer come back to his initial point of ignorance, and the next time he will see ducks, he will think twice before feeding them, and most probably won’t do it. Well, that’s what the Desteni I Process has helped me to achieve, a point of self-understanding in relation to my fear, almost paranoia of university, a state to which I just can’t go back, because I understand more what it is, how it came to be, and where it will lead me if I remain there.

I am soon entering university, I feel a little nervous, the fear still emerges, but it doesn’t paralyze me as it used to. Before, I used to express my own self-doubt and lack of self-trust by asking people if they thought that the career path that I chose, that of law, is the right choice for me, many discouraged me from doing so, telling me that it is a very stressing and demanding path, which made me feel even more nervous and afraid – today, I tell people that I am going to study law, I agree with them that the career will be demanding, but I also say that I trust myself and that I will do my best to succeed.

To conclude, I can say that, as I am entering a new stage of my life and facing important decisions, choosing in between many different roads, regardless of the part of the world in which I live, DIP is helping me to make the best decisions, because I am not letting myself be led by my emotions, and the choices that I am making are often backed with understanding. I am glad that I gave DIP a try, the more I use it, the more I find it interesting, the more I am passionate about understanding myself.

I can say that I have changed, I am calmer and much more stable than I was 6 months ago, people around me have commented on this change and my family is happy to see me well again, ready for these coming years full of challenges.

I am very grateful to my buddy and to the DIP team!”

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Desteni ‘I’ Process: Creating Self-Stability in Relationships

Adrian has shared a testimony of how Mind Constructs has assisted him to create self-stability within his relationships and interactions with others. You can find the original blog here:

In the past coperson-723557_640uple weeks I’ve been working a little more consistently at my Desteni I Process life coaching course and I’m grateful that I have. I’m still not spending as much time as I’d like to on it, so this is a goal of mine. It’s fascinating because of course the reason I might justify not working on it, and why it is not a top priority is not understanding how critical it is to my life. It’s easy to find excuses, especially when I am busy with things like work, but interestingly enough, that is the opposite of the truth as I am seeing how important it is for my work (and the rest of my life, for that mater) that I work consistently at DIP.

I saw this directly when working on a mind construct wherein I went into past experience with one of my parents to see how I had defined myself within myself and who I am towards others within such experiences – how I had come to develop all kinds of behavior patterns through misunderstandings in negative past experiences. I saw a connection between how I reacted toward that parent in certain experiences and how these reactions came to be behavior patterns/ways of dealing with other people in my world, and how they ultimately do not serve me as I am being reactive and living based on memories. So, it turns out that to be effective in my work, it is critical that I work on my DIP so that I am effective within my relationships/interactions with other people.

Like most things, it can very challenging to get myself to do the work, especially since it is always like going into the unknown and you don’t quite know what you’re going to get, or you don’t see the immediate benefit of that work – and yet here I can see that there is tremendous benefit, to the point where I actually would like to get onto the next mind construct because I know it will really stabilize and clear myself so that I am truly effective within all my other relationship/interactions. It is fascinating how so much of the way we learn to behave/interact with others is based on how we defined ourselves/others based on past experiences with our parents, as, for most people, they play the biggest influential role in the development of a child’s life.

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What the FAQ is DIP?

This is a transcription of a voice recording by Cerise Poolman – here is the link to the soundfile:
One of the very common things that you will hear people say is: “I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am.” Well now – sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how things work.

We are very much in, shall I say, ‘control’, but really what I mean is ‘directive principle’ of who we are. We have with the technology available to us in this day and age more than enough opportunities to investigate ourselves to the point where we can understand how the mind works, how did we get to be this way where we claim that we cannot change.

Desteni ‘I’ Process is one of those ways where you can investigate why you are who you are. Naturally, that means that it can be quite a challenging process to walk. Not difficult, simply that it is something that your mind doesn’t really want you to do, because by doing DIP, you are taking control back in becoming the directive principle of your day-to-day life, which means that your mind will no longer be in control – which obviously is something that it is not very impressed with. So – from that respect it can be a challenge to sit down and actually work through the information that you need to work through.

DIP gives you the tools and the understanding to start investigating yourself – far deeper than any conventional self-improvement or self-support structure is able to give. In DIP, you will have the opportunity to trace back the exact moment in which you accepted and allowed yourself to participate in a particular pattern that then became a repetitive and cyclical pattern that repeated throughout your life. In other words: a personality! You’ll be able to trace back the exact thought that triggered the development of a personality within you. You’ll be able to trace back the exact event in your life that held an emotional charge that then led to the development of a particular behavioural or thought pattern within you.

Who else can claim to offer a course that does what DIP does?

There is no fluffy magic involved – there is no ‘happy-feel-good feelings’. It is simply a support structure that provides YOU with the tools, a buddy to support you and guide you through and the understanding to investigate and change Yourself. It’s ALL up to You, just like everything in life. You cannot shirk responsibility onto someone else, you cannot blame someone else for your particular actions or inactions. In DIP it’s all up to you, your movement or non-movement is up to you. And it does require self-movement. If you do not move yourself, then nothing happens.

So – if you are ready to commit yourself and live the commitment of REAL Self-Investigation and REAL Change, then investigate Desteni ‘I’ Process. Start with DIP Lite – which is absolutely free. Once you’re done there, move on to DIP Pro – which has a sponsorship program available, with very basic guidelines, and includes a buddy who you email and have chats with on a weekly basis to support you through the lesson material and through completing your assignments. And when I say ‘assignment’ I don’t mean like a ‘school assignment’, I mean a self-development and self-investigative assignment – a self-movement – because that’s all that it’s about. YOU will move as far and as fast as YOU choose to.

So – are you up for the challenge of facing who you really are and facing the choice of changing yourself?


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DIP is Always with Me – Testimonial

Barbara-SRAThis photo was taken in a cute little cafe in Munich where I had some freshly pressed orange juice and M. some hot cocoa. It had been raining for some days and we needed some change of environment. We hardly go anywhere without our laptops since we both are very keen on getting on with our assignments for the Desteni ‘I’ Process Course, or Structural Resonance Alignment Course as it is also referred to, as much as we can.

I’ve been walking the SRA/DIP for some years now, since January 2010 in fact, so from pretty much the very beginning of it having been conceived. I can honestly say that it has been one of my most self-empowering endeavors so far.

I started it when I was at a point in my life, where I didn’t know how to proceed. On a deep down level I had realized that my marriage had come to an end. Still I had not seen it within me to follow through with my decision to leave, in fact it went so far that I denied within me even having made any such decision for myself at all. I did not know how to direct all or any of the fears and emotions around surviving in the system and was terrified of stepping out of the familiarity of what had become a very controlling and verbally abusive relationship. I had conditioned myself to survive by way of suppressing myself, my feelings and emotions to a degree where I felt extremely diminished and completely inadequate.

So some months into the course I was able to gradually pick myself up again, so to speak. I learned what the mind is. I learned the language of the mind and what components it is constituted of and so I was eventually able to see what I was doing inside myself, within and as the mind, how I was creating my experience and external situations. I learned how to relate instances and events, how to bring them here before me in a way that I could look at them objectively, to see their progression and unfolding. This way I was able to reveal to myself how I had indeed always created my situations for myself, I could see who I was within it all and most importantly how I could get to a point of correction.

By walking the SRA course I have greatly empowered myself to direct what comes up in a self-responsible way with the tools I learned in the lessons and assignments. In this, the continuous dedicated support and assistance of my SRA buddy in our weekly chats, where I was provided with invaluable feedback and guidance, proved to be very helpful and enjoyable.

So, since starting the course I have gradually created a position of stability for myself again, in every way. I have realized that I had accumulated a whole lot of emotional burdens in my life by accessing and immediately suppressing my reactions within myself. Therefore, I am now committed to aligning myself with who I actually am as and within the physical – as Life. I have decided to investigate my mind-system participations and stop myself.

So here you see me making use of every free moment I can find to work through such self-suppressing patterns and entrapments and all their layers and dimensions. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is also fed-up with his/her own lived, allowed and accepted inadequacy and self-limitation and wants to bring about a worthwhile change within/as him- or herself to stand self-empowered, equal and one with life as best for all.

— Testimonial from Barbara

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I Found the Real Thing – Testimonial

compass-801763_1280Everything was going wrong in my life; relationships, friendships, my career and health. I didn’t know how to effectively navigate through life. I came to the startling realisation that if I continued in this way, I would die rather quickly. I wanted change, I knew there must be another way and I set out on a search for what is Real. I wanted the Real Thing and nothing less than that.

I found Desteni and with the tools they offer of self-forgiveness and self-correction I was guided in the most effective and friendliest way through my own head and mind, so that I could see and understand why my life had unfolded the way it had and could start giving direction to myself in longstanding relationships with others so that I no longer needed to repeat the mistakes of my past.

Through the DIP Lite, DIP Pro and Agreement Course I have developed Self-Trust. I can see that no matter what comes my way, I stand. It makes me humble to realize what I have developed in these courses. It is more than worth it to let go of the fake things in life and go for the Real Thing.

— Testimonial from Miranda

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DIP Mind Constructs Testimonial

Josh has shared a testimony of how some of the material within the DIP Pro course assisted him.

In brief, working through my first mind construct totally revolutionized the way that I see myself and my mind.

Read more on Josh’s blog.

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