DIP is Always with Me – Testimonial

Barbara-SRAThis photo was taken in a cute little cafe in Munich where I had some freshly pressed orange juice and M. some hot cocoa. It had been raining for some days and we needed some change of environment. We hardly go anywhere without our laptops since we both are very keen on getting on with our assignments for the Desteni ā€˜Iā€™ Process Course, or Structural Resonance Alignment Course as it is also referred to, as much as we can.

I’ve been walking the SRA/DIP for some years now, since January 2010 in fact, so from pretty much the very beginning of it having been conceived. I can honestly say that it has been one of my most self-empowering endeavors so far.

I started it when I was at a point in my life, where I didn’t know how to proceed. On a deep down level I had realized that my marriage had come to an end. Still I had not seen it within me to follow through with my decision to leave, in fact it went so far that I denied within me even having made any such decision for myself at all. I did not know how to direct all or any of the fears and emotions around surviving in the system and was terrified of stepping out of the familiarity of what had become a very controlling and verbally abusive relationship. I had conditioned myself to survive by way of suppressing myself, my feelings and emotions to a degree where I felt extremely diminished and completely inadequate.

So some months into the course I was able to gradually pick myself up again, so to speak. I learned what the mind is. I learned the language of the mind and what components it is constituted of and so I was eventually able to see what I was doing inside myself, within and as the mind, how I was creating my experience and external situations. I learned how to relate instances and events, how to bring them here before me in a way that I could look at them objectively, to see their progression and unfolding. This way I was able to reveal to myself how I had indeed always created my situations for myself, I could see who I was within it all and most importantly how I could get to a point of correction.

By walking the SRA course I have greatly empowered myself to direct what comes up in a self-responsible way with the tools I learned in the lessons and assignments. In this, the continuous dedicated support and assistance of my SRA buddy in our weekly chats, where I was provided with invaluable feedback and guidance, proved to be very helpful and enjoyable.

So, since starting the course I have gradually created a position of stability for myself again, in every way. I have realized that I had accumulated a whole lot of emotional burdens in my life by accessing and immediately suppressing my reactions within myself. Therefore, I am now committed to aligning myself with who I actually am as and within the physical – as Life. I have decided to investigate my mind-system participations and stop myself.

So here you see me making use of every free moment I can find to work through such self-suppressing patterns and entrapments and all their layers and dimensions. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is also fed-up with his/her own lived, allowed and accepted inadequacy and self-limitation and wants to bring about a worthwhile change within/as him- or herself to stand self-empowered, equal and one with life as best for all.

— Testimonial from Barbara

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