I Found the Real Thing – Testimonial

compass-801763_1280Everything was going wrong in my life; relationships, friendships, my career and health. I didn’t know how to effectively navigate through life. I came to the startling realisation that if I continued in this way, I would die rather quickly. I wanted change, I knew there must be another way and I set out on a search for what is Real. I wanted the Real Thing and nothing less than that.

I found Desteni and with the tools they offer of self-forgiveness and self-correction I was guided in the most effective and friendliest way through my own head and mind, so that I could see and understand why my life had unfolded the way it had and could start giving direction to myself in longstanding relationships with others so that I no longer needed to repeat the mistakes of my past.

Through the DIP Lite, DIP Pro and Agreement Course I have developed Self-Trust. I can see that no matter what comes my way, I stand. It makes me humble to realize what I have developed in these courses. It is more than worth it to let go of the fake things in life and go for the Real Thing.

— Testimonial from Miranda

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