What the FAQ is DIP?

This is a transcription of a voice recording by Cerise Poolman – here is the link to the soundfile: https://soundcloud.com/cerise-poolman/what-the-faq-is-dip
One of the very common things that you will hear people say is: “I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am.” Well now – sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how things work.

We are very much in, shall I say, ‘control’, but really what I mean is ‘directive principle’ of who we are. We have with the technology available to us in this day and age more than enough opportunities to investigate ourselves to the point where we can understand how the mind works, how did we get to be this way where we claim that we cannot change.

Desteni ‘I’ Process is one of those ways where you can investigate why you are who you are. Naturally, that means that it can be quite a challenging process to walk. Not difficult, simply that it is something that your mind doesn’t really want you to do, because by doing DIP, you are taking control back in becoming the directive principle of your day-to-day life, which means that your mind will no longer be in control – which obviously is something that it is not very impressed with. So – from that respect it can be a challenge to sit down and actually work through the information that you need to work through.

DIP gives you the tools and the understanding to start investigating yourself – far deeper than any conventional self-improvement or self-support structure is able to give. In DIP, you will have the opportunity to trace back the exact moment in which you accepted and allowed yourself to participate in a particular pattern that then became a repetitive and cyclical pattern that repeated throughout your life. In other words: a personality! You’ll be able to trace back the exact thought that triggered the development of a personality within you. You’ll be able to trace back the exact event in your life that held an emotional charge that then led to the development of a particular behavioural or thought pattern within you.

Who else can claim to offer a course that does what DIP does?

There is no fluffy magic involved – there is no ‘happy-feel-good feelings’. It is simply a support structure that provides YOU with the tools, a buddy to support you and guide you through and the understanding to investigate and change Yourself. It’s ALL up to You, just like everything in life. You cannot shirk responsibility onto someone else, you cannot blame someone else for your particular actions or inactions. In DIP it’s all up to you, your movement or non-movement is up to you. And it does require self-movement. If you do not move yourself, then nothing happens.

So – if you are ready to commit yourself and live the commitment of REAL Self-Investigation and REAL Change, then investigate Desteni ‘I’ Process. Start with DIP Lite – which is absolutely free. Once you’re done there, move on to DIP Pro – which has a sponsorship program available, with very basic guidelines, and includes a buddy who you email and have chats with on a weekly basis to support you through the lesson material and through completing your assignments. And when I say ‘assignment’ I don’t mean like a ‘school assignment’, I mean a self-development and self-investigative assignment – a self-movement – because that’s all that it’s about. YOU will move as far and as fast as YOU choose to.

So – are you up for the challenge of facing who you really are and facing the choice of changing yourself?


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