All of my past relationships have failed, because I didn’t have a relationship with myself

Carlton shares his experience of walking the Agreement Course offered by Desteni ‘I’ Process

gears-812133_1280“Ok I’m going to keep this simple, short, real and to the point. IT WORKS, I mean it really works. I am referring to the Desteni I Process Agreement Course, where it has assisted and supported me tremendously in my everyday living and the change from the person I used to be, to a more self-aware person, where I have learned how to communicate effectively and build a relationship with myself, where all of my past relationships have failed, because I didn’t have a relationship with myself and did not know how to communicate with women, let alone anyone else effectively for that matter, meaning the point of me really getting to know someone unconditionally was none existent, it was just getting to know them to the point of me being able to get something self-interest related from them and that was it.

For instance when I would meet a girl, a woman, my communication would only go as far as the basics in asking what’s your name, age , where they were from and if they were in a relationship or not and that was it. Not once did I consider asking their interest or perspective on things, because I was too busy stuck in my mind, thinking as all other male do and/or have done in the same situation, about having sex with them, I mean to really get to know someone unconditionally you first have to stop your mind and without the tools to do that, for me it was virtually impossible. So;

Before I started the DIP Pro Agreement Course, I first signed up for and took the FREE online Course DIP LITE, (Desteni I Process LITE) which assisted me with the tools I needed to stop my mind. I recommend starting with this Free Course, which you can find on the Desteni Website, it did wonders for me as a beginner course in learning about my mind, how and why we think and what thoughts/feeling/emotions are and how to stop them and become more self-aware of who we really are.

Up until the point of finding Desteni and taking a few of their online courses, I can self-honestly say that my life was literally a mess, where all my relationships were collapsing, (it they hadn’t already failed) I constantly found myself in conflict with others people in my world and reality, all the decisions I made, ended up not worth deciding on, although I didn’t admit it to myself, I was a very emotional person, I suppressed everything, anything that had to do with change in myself in anyway what so ever, I resisted and to top it off, I was unreliable. So in laymen terms, this was a God send or might I say God find, that I found Desteni. Lol.

After taking the courses, (and of course I’m still learning) Now, when it comes to conflict situations, I’m learning to breathe myself through them and direct the situation to the best possible outcome. I’m learning how to base all my decisions on that which is best for all life. I’m no longer an emotionally driven and/or reactive person, but instead one that directs my actions. I now investigate/introspect my relationship with myself, to ensure that I am not suppressing and/or harboring any emotion and/or feeling reactions. And most of all, I am now able to communicate effectively with others because I have built an intimate relationship with myself.

So if you are ready to really live life and create a life worth living, full of expression with cool relationships, where you’re able to communicate effectively with everyone you come across, I recommend letting your fingers do the walking straight to the Desteni Website, scroll down to DIP Lite (Desteni I Process Lite) and click on Start Lite.


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