Mike shares his experience in walking Desteni ‘I’ Process Pro:

Desteni-water-dropDIP Pro is a profoundly specific way to learn how our mind functions….and specifically our relationship and responsibility to our Mind, Body and Being Here. It’s quite fascinating to investigate the specifics of my mind…though, I’ve faced tremendous amounts of resistance to actually moving myself through the DIP PRO assignments. As I got into the specifics of mind constructs I hit a sort of road block….the irony here is that moving through a mind construct is sort of like coming face to face with a ‘road block’….and for me within this experience it was difficult because it’s like you see so much of yourself that you have always allowed yourself to kind of skirt or gloss over.

DIP Pro is a one of a kind course that is Profoundly Awesome. The amount of Awe inspiring moments one may experience within this course is “Ridiculously Wow”. You got to check this out for yourself.

I would definitely recommend Anyone who is considering to participate in the Desteni I Process, to DO IT NOW….DON’T DELAY.  I did, and I wouldn’t want that for anyone.  The support and assistance here is so cool. The way the course is structured it is very much rooted in  and as ‘do it yourself’ self-support. Though, equally cool is the point of having a Buddy within the course to which you can cross reference things with…and someone to share your story/process with, as you move through the layers of the mind.

The buddy feature really is something quite special. Your buddy has also walked this process and so they are really here for you to share perspective and insights with…and their ability to relate to you and where you are at is rather profound. The buddy relationship alone is reason enough to invest in DIP Pro.  It is an awesome life enhancement.

DIP Pro, an out of this world course…it’s really that good.

I am grateful for DIP Pro, It’s helped me help myself in making my Life so much more.

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