Desteni ‘I’ Process: Creating Self-Stability in Relationships

Adrian has shared a testimony of how Mind Constructs has assisted him to create self-stability within his relationships and interactions with others. You can find the original blog here:

In the past coperson-723557_640uple weeks I’ve been working a little more consistently at my Desteni I Process life coaching course and I’m grateful that I have. I’m still not spending as much time as I’d like to on it, so this is a goal of mine. It’s fascinating because of course the reason I might justify not working on it, and why it is not a top priority is not understanding how critical it is to my life. It’s easy to find excuses, especially when I am busy with things like work, but interestingly enough, that is the opposite of the truth as I am seeing how important it is for my work (and the rest of my life, for that mater) that I work consistently at DIP.

I saw this directly when working on a mind construct wherein I went into past experience with one of my parents to see how I had defined myself within myself and who I am towards others within such experiences – how I had come to develop all kinds of behavior patterns through misunderstandings in negative past experiences. I saw a connection between how I reacted toward that parent in certain experiences and how these reactions came to be behavior patterns/ways of dealing with other people in my world, and how they ultimately do not serve me as I am being reactive and living based on memories. So, it turns out that to be effective in my work, it is critical that I work on my DIP so that I am effective within my relationships/interactions with other people.

Like most things, it can very challenging to get myself to do the work, especially since it is always like going into the unknown and you don’t quite know what you’re going to get, or you don’t see the immediate benefit of that work – and yet here I can see that there is tremendous benefit, to the point where I actually would like to get onto the next mind construct because I know it will really stabilize and clear myself so that I am truly effective within all my other relationship/interactions. It is fascinating how so much of the way we learn to behave/interact with others is based on how we defined ourselves/others based on past experiences with our parents, as, for most people, they play the biggest influential role in the development of a child’s life.

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