Agreement Course for Self-Support – Testimonial

Talamon shares his testimonial after completing the Agreement Course offered by Desteni ‘I’ Process:

DIP-Relationships“Trouble with relationships? Or to even realize how to approach dreams, desires, one’s own mind and challenges? What is Self- and mutual agreement and how to learn to not only understand but be able to change self in accordance what is practical love? This course is really great self-support, I recommend it with full of my ‘heart’!

I studied at different schools, courses, at university, but this was the most difficult and yet also the most rewarding course I have ever walked through, because I was facing, learning how and who I am, what I actually accept and allow, what is currently the self-dishonesty I participate within, which is not only suppresses and compromises my life, but also my present or possible future partner too and some times there was resistance which I had to push myself through but after that I was able to see how I can stop participating and changing myself to stop the fear and inner conflict.

If there is resistance within me, it must be suspicious – why I can be open with myself? What is the reason I block something from myself within? Don’t I trust myself being able to handle this? Or what is it? Fear? I suggest any inner resistances must be understood, because it can hide gifts we did not even consider always avoiding to find within ourselves.

Also to recognize, any automatic judgement towards anything can be based on a resistance based on a conviction fueled by a certain fear of loss – but that judgement really supports me and my partner, my reality and everybody else?

The ability to see the patterns within my starting point and to see what is being compromised with fear and self-interest gives the ability to also understand the WHY, which is also required to be able to find real physical time practical solutions for the difficulties I face not only in relation to who I am but also how I form and live my relationships.

It was a difficult decision when I realized that the relationship I was within was not supporting me and my partner as well, there were too much compromises and bruises which we did not face and solve, thus accumulated our own reactions to the point of having real difficulties to openly communicate, share and agree on points, within which I was kind of stuck, we could not step forward to move and live together, yet we wanted, so I had to realize, I must find a new way on trying to solve the problems I face.

There was hope and regret, desire and suppression, worry and stubbornness, pride and anger, which all mixed together to a point wherein I realized I need a process of self-support – then I was suggested to start walking the Agreement Course.

I was already introduced to another Desteni I Process online course and also to the concept and principle of Self-honesty, Writing and Self-forgiveness, which also supported me in the decision to invest into this course.

Yes, there is a fee, but in comparison to not to pay or to remain within inner conflict, resulting to external conflict, I rather paid for the course, which by I support those who are designing and upgrading this course and also constantly being there for regular chats, reviewing the assignments and giving support not only for me but for many others, so it was a decision I will never regret. Within this world, money also can support life – not equal currently, but currently it is how things move. Also because not only me I see learning and changing, expanding and sharing by the things I learn and change, but also my direct reality, others who are around me, and also the whole reality, which is so to speak the judge of me in terms of what consequences I accumulate what actually remains in this world. In relation to this, relationships.

Agreement is an interesting word, what can I agree with myself? – Sounds silly, but I see it much more clear now, that real intimacy is not about sex, but the ability to open up to the degree of absolute vulnerability and openness and to not lie to myself about what I really want and then to also see why – not stopping where I see a feeling justifying a conviction, but to see what memories, words, resonances I associate with. Is there any fear, selfishness, any compromise which by I am being influenced during my expression, influencing my partner, my relationship?

There is nothing mystical within the human existence, there is not even such thing as ‘truth’ – only denial of what is here. But sometimes HERE is not what being seen, but one’s own interest projected onto the table, thus with twisted, distorted perception we still participate, act and react, which we accept to ‘move’ ourselves by sometimes quite automatically without even stopping for a moment, or only too late to consider – is it really what I want for myself, for the other, is it the best I can be, or there is more potential within myself, in this relationship?
Is there any addiction, obsession, possession which we are not absolutely satisfied with? Can I accept myself as it is to Eternity or is there anything I will be ashamed of when I see all of my life, all of my decisions, thoughts, words, actions? Or is there something I would do differently? Maybe I can change it, my starting point to correct manifested consequences today without the fear, doubt…
For these points, walking Agreement course I am here seeing that I am more open and more clear on what I do and what is what I do not accept within myself and within my relationship, yet to consider where is still I am limiting myself based on a perception which is based on fear. Then to recognize the pattern, to understand it’s source, core – myself – and to take responsibility for and live the principle of ‘give as I would like to receive’ and stop participating before reacting, acting by it again.

Even it sounds as the easiest, the most difficult thing we can face is to be able to be absolutely self-honest with ourselves in all moments within consistency and to recognize that our mind, thoughts, feelings, even emotions can not be trusted until we walk through a process of self-investigation, purification. Because we were not absolutely aware with understanding and presence, direction and clarity when we had our first impressions, formed our own opinions, created our dreams of future, judged ourselves or others, learned the patterns from others. The innocence to return to yet being responsible is not just possible but practically walkable in physical real timeline.

Anyone states ‘I am done, already good enough, perfect’ – must be suspicious, I would not trust that – so then who shall I trust? Myself, of course, it’s common sense, I am always with myself, so not to trust me is not practical, and kind of dis-empowering anyway…

Because if I do not trust myself absolutely, even for a moment – how can I trust within my decisions, within my given trust to others? Or within my perceptions, my feelings, my desires?

So walking Agreement course really can give an edge and support to understand and learn to start trusting oneself and I would really suggest to incorporate somehow such lessons into basic schooling, because it gives the ability to question and answer, stop and change not only our reality, but also ourselves – and there are many people who already have emotional burden, bruises, regret or shame, unfulfilled desire, anger or pity, fear or worry about points and things what can’t admit how one is accepting to be influenced, consumed by…

And there is the saying ‘Time heals’ – well, not everything, time, by itself is not enough, SELF must be the directive principle for real change…

Here is a great article about this exactly:

Time heals all wounds. Does it really? – Day 517

There are doors what we might not even seeing that we closed, we feel resisted to open up, which is necessary for absolutely understand our created mindset, personality, beingness to the specificity which is required to re-learn, to forgive for accepting ourselves to limit, suppress, deny real self-honesty.

This course is also great, because the Buddy who we regularly chat with and reviews our assignment is someone who also walked this course and already faced these aspect of self, with somebody who already walked through the points, so it’s an external point of view if we open up and share to the difficult, intimate points we might not even dare to acknowledge to ourselves that we stuck, we became uncertain.

And there are really cool things which can be done for those who walk with partner – but also many things what can – and even should – be applied towards self, and then to share the result.

There are many topics in this course, like exploring possible self-sabotage points, what we might not even realize because we learned unconsciously from family, the world system, or how to enhance and purify aggression-free communication, how to establish a common vocabulary wherein the meaning of words are agreed upon, thus there is no misunderstanding, or how to approach sex the way that it is not in the mind, but rather shared physical, real enjoyment and share and so much more…
There are so many closed doors among partners, marriage, so to speak ‘lovers’ – but to base partnership according to feelings, thoughts, judgements, desires, which are also changing by the moment, circumstances we are within – also should not be trusted when establishing long-term agreement based on the principle of mutual-self-agreement and support.
So I suggest this course with full of my beingness and I am a living human being that stating within absolute certainty that this is really supportive, worthy for time and effort and it’s invaluable and I have never ever found any similar course/study/support in this world similar, which should not be missed if possible.

I will write more on the agreement and relationship topic later.

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