Recruiter Feature: Valentin Rozman

Recruiter FeatureMy name is Valentin Rozman. I have been raised in a family where we had our own business, so I was provided with basically everything that I desired. However I also had to work long hours and obey my father who was the boss. While I had enough of physical necessities, I was not very fun about the way how our relationships among family members developed. There was a lot of self-interest, deception, accusation, projections, so I became more and more frustrated. I did not know how to fix this until I met I girl who was in similar condition and we decided to move together to own apartment in order to be able to sort things out. But after living together for three years, she left me with excuse that she does not feel safe. Since we had enough money, shelter, clothes, time, and I did not abuse her in any way whatsoever, I was desperate, not knowing what I was doing wrong to deserve this.

So it was in year 2000 when I was left alone in my apartment and firmly decided to find out what is going on in peoples minds. I wanted to know what life is, what all is about, who and what I am, and what to be careful about in order not to make the same mistakes. Thus in the past 10 years, I practically researched every field that involves human behavior, our physical body, and also what is going on after death. I read holy books of all big religions, participated in religious and new age spiritual groups, and also researched western and alternative medicine. This is because I noticed that some rush on the skin around my genitals developed and it started to itch me each time I found myself in some unacceptable situation. I tried yogas, tantras, reiki, angles and every other possible solution, but it did not helped me in any way whatsoever.

In the fall of 2009 I stumbled upon Desteni videos on YouTube where some beings were speaking through interdimensional portal. It was quite odd to see the deep inhalation and exhalation process at the beginning and end of the videos, but what has been said, made a lot of sense to me. I continued to watch videos for many months and then decided to join the forum. In January 2010 I applied for ‘Desteni I Process’ course that was called ‘Structural Resonance Alignment Training’ at that time and I am continuing with the study up to this day. I can testify that the process assisted me more than everything that I experienced in past 10 years of my spiritual practice together. I became more stable, I stopped the emotional reactions within myself, the skin condition healed, and I am now digging deeper and deeper in my mind and defusing all remaining points of separation.

While I immediately embraced Desteni message with great enthusiasm due to my past experiences, I understand that many are not able to become opened for Desteni to the extend that I have become. It is disheartening to see how some people become even Desteni haters and make troubles to the group who actually wants to make this world a better place for all. This is basically due to lack of understanding what Desteni is really about. They notice just some aspects of Desteni and immediately compare and connect it with some stories, movies, news reports and books that they have heard, watched or read in the past. But Desteni is nothing like anything that ever existed. Never has any individuals or groups started to take self-responsibility, never has anyone done what is best for all, never has equality among all living beings been lived here practically. So I suggest everyone to take a deep breath, slow down and read all the material to become acquainted what we actually do. And hopefully you will also join us in the effort to remove all the evil from this world for good.

My impressions after first year of participating in Desteni I Process

If you’d like to be supported by Valentin in Desteni I Process, register and pick him as the recruiter. View Valentin’s profile.

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