Start the Desteni I Process for Half the Price – Again!

Due to the popularity of the first Desteni I Process special offer, where you had your first year in the course for half the price, we’ve decided to do it again. Here are the limited offer details:

All registrations from now up until September 4th, 2011 qualify for a new payment plan – €100 / month. This means you’ll pay only half of the standard price and that is so for an entire year in the course. This gives you plenty of time to recruit new people into the course, therefore have a monthly commission coming in and after your first year you can easily end up with a monthly income instead of paying a course fee.

This offer also affects our current participants that are Agents and are recruiting new people into the course. Everyone you recruit during this limited offer becomes your Recruit and Trainee at the same time. This has the following effects:

  • You’ll train your marketing and recruiting support skills as well as course material support skills with the same person, preparing you effectively to handle a large amounts of people in your downline in the future.
  • You receive both the Recruiter and Buddy commissions. For details check out the redistribution table with the new €100 / month limited offer payment plan.
  • Recruit more people in a shorter time due to a more accesible price.

Don’t wait and register for the Desteni I Process now.

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