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Recruiter FeatureHello,

my name is Bastian, I am 35 years old and I live in germany. Most of my lifetime I had difficulties to arrange myself with society and the world as it is. I always felt that there is something wrong with the world that humans created. But like most teenagers I was looking for the proper enemy in the outside, like f.e. parents, grown ups in general, and politicians. It took me many years of struggle with my parents, friends, institutions like teachers and entire schools, and especially with myself until I finally crashed and I was facing the consequences of what I had become and allowed myself to exist at once.

From that day on I decided to quit, to stop all my participation in the system, I wanted to become a ‘spiritual warrior’, finding my way to inner peace and harmony. But this didn’t work as well. I soon found out that in all the so called ‘spiritual teachings’, although they have a lot to share that is of value and actually true, all these ‘schools’ seem to focus on your own ‘personal happyness’ only, your very own fulfillment and I asked myself:
„how could this help anyone, when I am sitting in Zazen position for five hours, and maybe gain some inner peace and harmony, or insights or whatever, while the rest of the world is still as fucked up as it was before? How should I ever find peace, while Life is being tortured, slaughtered, starving and suffering all around me for one obvious reason: that human beings are not able to overcome their nature of greed, enviousness, selfishness and fear?“
So very soon I realized that I won’t find any solution on the spiritual path as well and that gave me the last stroke. I fell into depression and despair. Not knowing how to move, what to do, I took the next sedating chance and tried to comfort myself again with alcohol and weed.
And during these days I encountered Desteni for the first time.
And when I then saw and realized that I was not alone, that there are many people around the world that came to the same points, were asking the same questions as I did, and they presented the Self-Inquirery in Self-Honesty as a solution, I stopped my self-destroying self pitty and started to face my own creations in Self-Honesty.
Self is the solution, that is not a question anymore, and the key word here is Responsibility.

With the assistance and support of all those people that stand as one and equal with all life I step-by-step deprogrammed myself and became a self-directed being.
I got rid of many addictions and time wasting habits like smoking, alcohol, sugar and television for example. I take responsibility for my life and for Life in general, and I live and act according to the principle of ‘what is best for all’.

This opens up many possibilities in life, because understanding yourself means to understand other humans as well. You will lose all kinds of fears and uncertainties, and you will gain the directive power over your life again, which means on the other hand the realization of the responsibility you have as an expression of Life.

The Desteni I Process is a Self-empowering programm where you will gain unconditional certainty of what you really are and what life is. And you will be able to find practical solutions for the obvious fact that the world as it is, as we as humans have created it, is unaccaptable and cannot be supported that way any longer. There needs to be a fundamental change and we here are the living proof that this change is possible and that only those practical solutions that face reality as it really is are the ones that are finally best for all.

I am glad for the opportunity to share myself with you.

Desperation or Process – a self honest decision for Life

If you’d like to be supported by Bastian in Desteni I Process, register and pick him as the recruiter. View Bastian’s profile.

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