Recruiter Feature: Anna Brix Thomsen

Recruiter FeatureI come from Denmark and now live in Sweden with Viktor, my agreement partner who is also a Destonian and our two cats Cheaky and Flickan. At the moment I am finishing my masters’ degree in Sociology at Stockholm University, doing pilates, work online with all things Destonian and make music together with Viktor in our band that we call “Viktor and Anna Discovers The Physical.

When I first came across Desteni, I was full of spiritual bullshit and it was a shock to realize how I had been hiding in spirituality and how I had used spirituality to abdicate self-responsibility. I started realizing how my entire experience and definition of myself was but echos from the past and how nothing I did or liked or disliked was actually self-directed. So I started discovering an deconstructing myself through the Desteni I Process. One of the most amazing parts of the process has been the re-definition of words, where we first investigate and realize how we’ve been living a definition of a word as tainted with personality and or judgment of either positive or negative energy and then re-define the word according to common sense equality – as a word that is equal understood by everyone as the same. This is an amazingly simplistic tool to re-create the world in a way, so that we all speak of, see and live in the same world instead of existing in separate mind-realities.

So we are, in the Equal Life and Equal Money Movement in the process of creating a global political party that will have the same principles and program in every country, that is simply based on the Principle of Equality and What is Best for All on a Practical Physical Level. The only thing that matters is how we are living together on a physical practical level.

I have had the opportunity to live for almost a year on the Desteni Farm in South Africa. On the farm, everyone has agreed to live according to the principles of equality and what is best for all. There is no religion or philosophy – simply the common sense that what is best for everyone, including the earth and the animals, is best for the individual as well. And so I had the opportunity to live with animals, 12 dogs, 20 cats, work with horses on a completely different level than I have seen or heard of anywhere else in the world. There are no romantic or idealistic notions about it – in fact it is a lot of hard work and I learned how to built houses, how to work an electric wood saw, grow carrots and how to take self-responsibility for my presence and participation in this world.

It is amazing to see people coming together from all around the world, dropping all their ideas and beliefs about who they are and what we are doing here, to get down to earth – to realize that each of us are directly responsible for the Whole that is Here – to realize that it is possible to live together without suppressing or manipulating ourselves or each other or to turn to emotions, beliefs and ideas in our separate mind-bubbles of personality and preference, where it is all about surviving through competing with each other and instead start living here in common sense and self-honesty.

Self-Empowerment and Expansion with Desteni

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