Recruiter Feature: Gian Robberts

Recruiter FeatureHi, my name is Gian Robberts and I have been participating with Desteni since 9 July 2008. Before I joined Desteni i was into all kinds of things at the same time, really random, it always depended on with who I was, alone with myself I was a spiritual being and in front of others I was a Christian and with my family members I was into aliens, spiritualism and conspiracies and I was bouncing around it all searching for answers all the time.

I was aware of Desteni and the message for a while but I always kept on looking the other way, for more easier ways to fix myself and make myself better, but I never got results that lasted and that was real, till I really enough of it all and directed myself to take the step of applying the tools.

So I joined Desteni with in applying myself with really basic and simple tools that changed my life actually and for real, I mean, fears that I had was gone and faced, usually I would have only suppressed it and when I face points it would come up, now with the Desteni tools I actually stopped the fears, and when the points came up there was nothing, I was breathing. I automatically with in applying these tools moved myself over time into a direction that does not change only my life but my life as life, I am still doing it daily through my participation and where I place my attention as that which is best for all.

When I started with in studying the Desteni material I found it to be a vast amount and that I could not keep up. However when we started with the SRA course around about 2009, I found it to be really supportive with in moving me through the material and at the same time with in applying the material practically.

So I have been living on the Desteni farm for three years now and applying myself daily in breath within and as the physical, I have a horse and 5 parrots and 4 Nile monitor lizards that I care for, they have all taught me so many things and still do, I also take care of injured animals whenever we have some coming in our path, I enjoy it here working with everyone and as a group.

I am in this process and I am enjoying it, it has its tuff times, but this is understandable as we all have stuffed ourselves with a lot of baggage that isn’t necessary at all, unloading the baggage can be hard and heavy but only because we are used to it and do not see the real weight it puts on ourselves and the consequences it has on all life, this is where the SRA/DIP courses are revealing all the baggage we have collected and how and why and then we get rid of it, not to separate ourselves but to stand equal as it and to let go, to free ourselves to be able to breathe again freely.
Doing the courses has supported me a lot, in more ways then what I have expected, once I committed myself to apply the course material and to not be afraid to ask, it all went pretty cool and I had the opportunity to see myself and what I have created within me, and to manifest with in my world. I had/have the opportunity stop the cycles and to change it to that which is best for all.

Having walked these courses myself since August 2009 and experienced the benefits of it – I am happy to assist anyone willing to take this journey of self-change and self-empowerment upon themselves.

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