Recruiter Feature: Maite Zamora Moreno

Recruiter FeatureHi,

My name is Maite Zamora Moreno. I’m 23 years old and grew up in Belgium.

From very young, my hobby and passion was dancing and this is the only thing that I never gave up on – it was a constant, stable point in my life where I was able to just let go and have fun, because in terms of school, family, friends, relationships: I never really understood what the point of it all was – but like most people, I just went along with it, because ‘what else was I supposed to do?’.

When I was a toddler, I thought that I would understand ‘the point of it all’ in primary school – because the kids in primary school seemed to be understanding things – they know maths and stuff, surely that will help me understand why I’m here. When I got to primary school, I still didn’t get it and I thought my time of great insight would come in secondary school, because the kids in secondary school seemed to have it all figured out. Obviously, in secondary school I felt as clueless as ever, but got better at pretending to know who I was, what I was doing and why. Secretly, though, I hoped university or college would enlighten me. Once there, again all I got was disappointment, confusion and make-believe – but also, a silent agreement between people that we’ll just not talk about that anymore. Rather: “Let’s try to fake it ‘till we make it.” Right when I was about to give up on ever understanding where I was and who I was and why things are the way they are – my brother (Gabriel) and sister (Leila) started investigating ‘alternate truths’ – that which regular media and science don’t tell us.

As we discovered a new ‘alternate truth’ – for instance conspiracy theory, meditation, alchemy, etc. – we would each time see what we were able to do that with that information. Usually, we ended up quite disappointed and moved on to something else. Until, one day – Leila comes to me saying that I just HAVE TO check out this YouTube channel: DesteniProductions. As I started watching the videos, missing pieces of the puzzle were handed to me and slowly but surely everything that had always been so mysterious, confusing and upsetting – started falling into place. After some hesitation, I started applying the Desteni I Process tools – this was in October 2007 – and I haven’t stopped since. For the first time in my life I started understanding my inner experiences, and taking responsibility for them. I started writing myself out and started seeing how I created myself and my world. From there: FINALLY – I was able to stand up in myself and start moving, directing, living.

Desteni I Process is the greatest gift I have ever given myself and now, in turn, I enjoy to assist and support others – giving what was given to me. If you’re hesitant like I was in the beginning, I suggest you just dive in and find out what it means to walk the Desteni I Process. That’s what I did – and I’m forever grateful that I gave myself the opportunity to start the journey that changed my life.

The Black Swan in Me

If you’d like to be supported by Maite in Desteni I Process, register and pick her as the recruiter. View Maite’s profile.

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