Recruiter Feature: Sylvia van Overschot-Gerssen

Recruiter FeatureI’m Sylvia and currently living in Italy with my partner, 2 kids and 3 cats. I will briefly share my life with you seen through my eyes after 1,5 year of Desteni I Process.

I grew up in a Christian Dutch family and lived in a protected and well taken care of environment. I grew up with God as the almighty ruler over this earth. As a child I had many questions for God, but he never engaged himself in a conversation with me. When I left my parents home to study and live on my own, I abandoned religion, since I didn’t feel any connection left with God nor religion. Then I started singing in a gospel choir and got hooked up within religion again. This time it wasn’t looking for God to answer my questions, it was pure energy what I found within singing and praising God with all the other choir members. I moved a lot in my life since my dad was always on the lookout for a better paid job and moved us around through the country. I adopted this restless feeling of wanting to move constantly. For me it wasn’t about a beter job, it was constantly moving to avoid and not facing my issues in the different stages of my life. So along with moving I always searched for a new gospel choir to sing in. Till the moment that I ended up in a Baptist church and they expected me to be a part of their community. After a few years I couldn’t face myself within this dishonesty and my fake reasons for joining this group. All I had became was an energy vampire.

After dumping religion again, I continued within spirituality, which I practised already along the side line while being engaged within religion. From interest as a teenagers in spirituality I moved on to being a Reiki practitioner and I literally absorbed all that was related to spirituality and a holistic life-style. Within this my partner and I developed the desire to be self-supported and live more or less of the grid. An easy life without the bothers of others and therefore not being confronted with what others or society were reflecting back to me about myself. I wanted to cocoon myself within this “being separate from the rest of the world” kind of attitude. Back then I had no idea what consequences this would bring later within my life. The result was that we, as a family, 5 years ago decided to immigrate to Italy when we had confrontations with the law after homeschooling our kids. Heavily involved in conspiracy theories I saw all that was fucked up within the Dutch and world societies, I couldn’t cope to face myself within this all and decided to run. We wanted to buy a ruin in the middle of nowhere in central Italy and be left in peace. The peace never arrived until today, but now I’m ready to face this all. By selling our house in Holland to a conn artist we lost thousands of euros, there was no money left to buy our dream house, we lost our jobs and more money and I blamed everybody except myself. I separated myself from society and society spit me out. Now I’m seeing what I caused, I’m getting slowly but surely back into society/the system again. Where we were free of debt before, we’re now in debt again. We lived 8 months from almost no money except for a bank loan and gifts and loans from family.

I studied Arts, Social Work and Interior Design throughout my life, I had several different jobs and my own design studio while living in Holland. All changed when I immigrated and separated myself from society. I set up a handcraft gift shop here in Italy, what never became profitable. I ended up cleaning holiday homes, being a dressmaker and mainly repairing clothes. Through doing mind constructs within the Desteni I Process I was able to see that this form of separation caused me a lot of unnecessary trouble. Learning the Italian language was also a big not working point to me and an outflow of my separation point. I discovered that my difficulties within learning Italian was due to a heavy back chat and basically blaming Italy and all Italians for my misfortune in life. After realizing this I had to sit down and have a good laugh about it, how ridiculous and how could I believe this? How deep had I sunk, that only blaming was giving me a sense of reality and not taking responsibility. If it hadn’t been for the Desteni I Process, I would still have been circling round in cycles and even ended up immigrating to the moon to avoid facing myself.

My children and my partner have been of great support to me throughout our life together. Many times I haven’t seen it as support, but mainly as limiting my wants and desires. Now I’m able to work equal to and with my kids and partner and appreciate it when they reflect back on me. With my partner doing the Desteni I Process and the kids who pick up on it as well we all benefit from the support Desteni has been giving us over the past last years. The whole process I’ve gone through so far with Desteni has made me realize that when I do not stand and speak up about world equality and expect from others to do so, others might feel the same and nothing gets done. So I’m dedicating my life to establish an Equal Money System and world equality, by blogging and vlogging. And first of all by changing myself to bring change to the world and therefore support and assist others within the Desteni I Process to also change themselves, to stand together as a group. As I can stand for world equality then you can stand for world equality. Join us and practise the verb “change” in the best interest of all within your physical reality.

A vlog of mine I want to share, is this one about why I shaved off my hair as part of going through my process

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