Recruiter Feature: Ann Van den Broeck

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My name is Ann, I live in Belgium, grew up in a small rural village which was pretty cool because I was able to play in nature with my friends all the time. I currently study Sociology at Ghent University, I also have a diploma in graphical design. My high school I finished in arts. I love to be creative and try out all kinds of things, I also have danced almost all my life. There are so many things I like to do, and many things that I still have to begin doing such as playing piano or working with clay or glass blowing. Currently I enjoy to be outside, in nature, planting, taking care of the animals, blogging, vlogging, assisting people who find out about the Equality movement, drawing, cooking, watching movies, playing games, tennis, swim, dance etc…

What I have learned over the years of participation within the Desteni Process, is how to actually give myself direction, instead of being directed by the way I was programmed. Stopping my fears and insecurity to control me, realising that I dont have to follow the thoughts that pop into my mind. That I can communicate with people without follow thoughts about what they think about me, which had limited me so much in the past. Facing the fear of losing the picture as how I valued myself through my life, and learning to truly accept myself and be grateful for myself, not dependant on some kind of idea or image as what society tells us we should be or should look like. Applying these tools for myself, writing and stopping my thoughts from directing me, has stopped my depression which I had many times previous in my life. It helped me to face my fears and realise: my fears are not real, they are self-created through my participation within the thoughts that make them spark up, and that I remain when these fears are faced.

Our world thrives on insecurities, this is how the system makes money. For the system you will never be good enough. You wont ever be thin enough, pretty enough, man enough, muscular enough, fit enough, elegant enough, decent enough etc… There will always be something that places you in an inferior position , forever pursuing ego disguised as so called “perfection”. Which is purely there to make money from.

Ann’s video

If you’d like to be supported by Ann in Desteni I Process, register and pick her as the recruiter. View Ann’s profile.

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