Recruiter Feature: Rozelle de Lange

Recruiter FeatureHi my name is Rozelle and I am 23 years old. I live on the Desteni farm in KwaZulul-Natal, South Africa.
I am currently studying a print specialist course and I’m also studying to finish my senior certificate so that I am able to attend university once this is done. I have many interests however I will just highlight a few here for now which is photography, dancing and working with and supporting animals and nature. I have recently taken a liking to reptiles, more specifically amphibians and I’m also doing some research regarding them on the sidelines. I take care of 2 horses and encounter daily interaction with many types of animals on the farm where I live including those who sleep with me in my room which are Kiki (cat), Dexter (dog), Draco (bearded dragon), fish as well as some roaches (dubia roaches).

Since I have been applying the tools shared at Desteni, I have been able to face my fears (reptiles were one of them) and have come to realize for myself within the application of the tools that everything I believed I was has been just that – beliefs and ideas which I have given value to and within that I have separated myself from myself. This point extends to almost every aspect of my life where I have separated myself from myself in various different ways through self-definitions I have defined myself by and believed myself to be.

I have been participating with Desteni for 8 years of which 4 years was spent in the system where I chased after desires – to learn more about this, I welcome you to watch my videos on YouTube for a bit more background information. Also out of these 8 years I have been actively participating within the Desteni I Process for 1 and a half years now. This process is not just a course which I am studying, it is in fact a way of living which has become my life because I understand that the world we currently exist within is not a place of worth where all are provided for equally and where the only points I am able to see is that everyone abuses each other in the name of survival, so within this I realize that in order to change the world I have to change myself, and this self-change only occurs within applying the tools offered as self-supportive points within the Desteni I Process.

I have experienced the cruelty and coldness of this world we have manifested in relation to existing within it as a being having to survive within the current economic system which ultimately governs all lives. I always blamed everyone and everything for the awful experience of myself within this world, but since I started applying the tools within the Desteni I Process, I have come to realize and understand that everything I experience is of my own doing because I have accepted and allowed it to exist. This is extremely empowering because this places me in a position of taking full responsibility for myself and my world which is the same world we ALL share and exist within. So I keep on walking and bringing everything back to myself within the self-application of the invaluable tools I have discovered here, because I no longer accept and allow myself to exist within and as blame, judgment, competition and so many other points which do not serve as what is best for all as a living reality here on earth.

I am truly grateful to be participating within the Desteni I Process and I have dedicated my life to assisting and supporting myself and all as me within the application of the tools shared within the Desteni I Process. If you are willing to face yourself within self-honesty here, I am happy to assist and support you within your undertaking on a journey of self-realizing self in fact.

Here is a recording I made to share and show how I have been able to stop abusive patterns such as using drugs to escape reality to being where I now am which is a point of stopping and standing up for myself and changing myself along with the assistance and support of the tools taught in DIP.

Why and How I Gave Up Drugs

If you’d like to be supported by Rozelle in Desteni I Process, register and pick her as the recruiter. View Rozelle’s profile.

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