Recruiter Feature: Leila Zamora Moreno

Recruiter FeatureHi, my name is Leila Zamora Moreno and I have been participating with Desteni since October 2007. Before I found Desteni I was into Conspiracy Theories and Spiritualism. While I was browsing through YouTube on videos in relation to these two points, I bumped into some videos of DesteniProductions. What appealed to me the most within the Desteni videos was that actual practical solutions were provided that one can apply in their daily life. Spirituality I found was rather passive so when I bumped into Desteni I felt no regrets leaving Spirituality right behind me and moving on to something that will actually bring about change in my life (and who knows, maybe the life of others).

Since then I have been actively applying the Desteni tools and have had the opportunity to see for myself how powerful they are. I became more engaged towards my own life, what I wanted, how I wanted to experience rather than being a slave to my environment – and I also got more engaged in global issues and solutions such as the Equal Money System.

After participating with Desteni for about a year I went to visit the Desteni Farm in South Africa with my sister Maite. For two months we observed how the farm and the Desteni website were managed and how all the people lived together. Three months after we had left the farm we returned and we have now been living on the Desteni Farm for about two and a half years.

I enjoy interacting with animals, I take care of a horse and have five African Grey Parrots living with me in my room. From to time to time I also tend to birds who have been injured in the wild or that have been abandoned by their parents. These points are also very much reflected in another hobby of mine which is photography.

Over the years the Desteni material has accumulated and has become extensive, covering a wide variety of topics. I was lucky to have found Desteni when there was relatively ‘little’ material online and was able to read and watch the material as it was being published day by day. Nowadays for a newcomer, the amount of material to go through can seem to be overwhelming. That is why within the DIP (and particularly SRA I) we aimed at providing a structured course that will assist a newcomer to navigate through all the relevant topics, while assisting and supporting them with their self-application and having someone to talk to about questions or issues. Within SRA II more ‘advanced’ and specific tools and methods are investigated to get to the nitty gritty of one’s personal design.

Having walked these courses myself since August 2009 and experienced the benefits of it – I am happy to assist anyone willing to take this journey of self-change and self-empowerment upon themselves.

“What is the Key” by Robot Virgins for which I made a video clip

If you’d like to be supported by Leila in Desteni I Process, register and pick her as the recruiter. View Leila’s profile.

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