The DIP way brings you back to your core

L.V. shares the story of how he was introduced to Desteni ‘I’ Process and what he has experienced and realized when walking the free DIP Lite course:

back-to-your-core“I got acquainted with DIP Lite accidentally when I got to know someone who walked the ‘Process’. He roused my interest in the matter as what he told me made sense: that our consciousness is determined by language, and that through deeper insight and redefining ‘important’ words that define your life and mind (like ‘honesty’ or ‘love’) you are changing your perception. Changing your perception by redefining ‘your’ words equals redefining your consciousness, which is WHO YOU ARE. Taking responsibility and directive for who you are opens up the possibility to DIRECT YOUR LIFE BY CHOICE. So what you actually do is changing your life through changing your consciousness by taking the directive in living and expressing important words that you redefined in a realistic and constructive way for yourself. Words – choice – consciousness – change. It’s a simple as that.

As much as his words were reasonable, what struck me as most convincing was his demeanor: in those weeks we spent traveling together he remained stable and consistent, even in situations that would make some of us ‘shaky’. As this was an important indicator of his stability, what was even more convincing was that he always remained open, honest and relaxed in his social interactions, not being drawn into emotions and thoughts of insecurity, negativity or pretense. He was ‘aligned’ and ‘real’ you could say. This convinced me that there might be something very interesting going on. So I decided to look into this DIP thing.

As I started walking DIP Lite I discovered more and more how this simple but effective method can impact your psyche and thus the way you live your life. It sets out with obtaining more insight in your thinking and emotional processes, to proceed with dealing with the mind practically through self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements: two methods that work surprisingly well in opening yourself up, preparing you for change, to finally direct your mind in the direction YOU want it to go, in the way YOU want yourself be. So this course is very comprehensible, practical and hands-on so you can conveniently start working on your psychological foundation while opening up the road for personal change.

As a psychologist (MSc.) and lifecoach with a strong background in spirituality I have seen quite some different methods and techniques for working with the mind and initiating personal change. None of them were so fundamental and at the same time so simple, practical and grounded, which makes the DIP / Process way the winner when it comes to effectiveness and depth in becoming self-realized. The DIP way brings you back to your core, to who you are, while placing you in your directive: that is, where you want to go.

To bring it all together: I can definitely recommend to do this course, as it is an excellent introduction into the process of personal change. In this course you will learn the basics of how to investigate and shape your mind in a way that is serving you. You will learn the fundamentals of how you can come home within yourself, while setting out a path in life that will realize your utmost potential.”

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