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After finishing the DIP Lite course I was ready for the next challenge: SRA 1.

The positive anticipation and expectations I had after the good experiences with DIP Lite made me quite excited to start on this one. And I must say, my expectations were met – and even surpassed as to be honest, as I really and thoroughly enjoyed the course.

The build-up of the course makes complete sense. It starts off with the composition of the Mind in three fundamental layers and how these are represented within our minds. As you are introduced to and working with these layers your understanding of the/your Mind expands; understanding more of how our thinking and acting comes about. And through practice the ability to uncover more and more of yourself grows – peeling off layer after layer – which intensifies the process in terms of engagement, excitability and confrontation of yourself with yourself. For as you progress and become apt at penetrating deeper you will discover parts of yourself/the mind that are baffling, not so pretty and actually quite shocking at times. I remember the many times I sat behind my computer, exclaiming: “Oh my God oh my God… Is this me? Yes, it must be… Holy shits!” And this is not because I am particularly weird or disturbed, it’s that you start discovering and seeing certain inherent properties of the Mind in itself that are … well, quite fucked-up I would almost say, pardon my French.

Granted, coming to the ‘revelations’ will take a little digging and sweating in the beginning but when you do discover those deeper layers of yourself – actually realizing and seeing how you (as the Mind) are approaching yourself, others and the world – you will value the time spent working at it. Hit that first realization ‘that knocks you off your socks’ and you are sold.

Naturally, within this, you have to realize that it will get a bit messy at times. Don’t expect all golden treasure chests filled with fragrant flowers that is you – be ready to open some sewers as well. And that’s what actually counts and makes this Process so worthwhile. It’s reality in your face, and it’s who you are unmasked and butt-naked. And often this ‘you’ is angry, afraid, ignorant and in denial. And you bet that this can be confrontational for sure. But know this: this is necessary and this is where it starts. When you’re really self-honest and are willing and daring to step into this, into yourself, with open eyes, you are giving yourself a gift for self-knowledge that is unparalleled and preciousss. It’s a gift unlike any I came across in my life (and I’ve seen a thing or two), enabling the unwrapping of yourself through setting sail for some serious self-explorative adventures, voyaging into the unveiling and deconstructing of atomic landscapes of who you think you are. And within this you’re starting to discover how inversed thinking and dysfunction has been allowed to run in the background, subtly (or blatantly) controlling you and your behavior through assumptions that are straight-on irrational, perversive and counterproductive. Yes, messy, but – holy smokes – it’s worth sailing into it, despite the rockiness of the inner seas.

And: good news just turned better! For seeing the Mind/’you’ for what it is – is the start. Then one proceeds to releasing the energy of the crap you want to get rid of through Self-Forgiveness. Practice a bit, become good at it, and you will notice the effects growing stronger and intensifying. It’s really an ‘energetic’ release of the accumulated mind-trash – a release that can turn physical in its discharge (in my experience). But that’s not all! Of course, we also go and correct ourselves, for we want to have something nice to replace that which we don’t want. Hoppa, and so we forge Self-Corrective statements, stating what you want and what you will let go of. So you see it, realize it, and stand by it through standing up for, by, and as yourself. And let me tell you, after seeing some of the shrewd hocus pocus tricks of the Mind you do want the change.

Ok, that just described the process of self-unwrapping of the sweet cookie that’s you. And you’ll get the hang of it at a certain point going through the exercises. Speaking of, the exercises themselves are also very cool and illustrative. They lead you through different kinds of characters that are embodied ‘as us’ through our automatic participating with our ‘programming’. These characters come onto the scene and present themselves dramatically as you, making you think, feel and do all kinds of stuff that limits and hampers you – like being fearful of our own shadows, becoming angry at others because they represent parts of ourselves we don’t like, blaming others for our own faults, denying self-responsibility so we you don’t have to look at ourselves and more of that kinda greasy opportunistic stuff that won’t make you a more stable, happier or authentic human being. And I must say: I enjoyed the most of these lessons with twinkly, hungry eyes. The examples given are also very practical and recognizable, good for evoking a burst of laughter every now and then, for it makes you see the ridicule of what is actually going on inside our little fretting minds. It makes you realize that it’s actually all quite the joke.

So I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Though, a word of warning here: sometimes I did experience resistance with the writing, thinking: “Oh golly, there I have to go again. This will take a couple of hours of plowing through stuff. Pfff.” But as soon as I pushed through this little wall of resistance presenting itself as something ‘important’, and when I just started with it, I usually got into the fascination and enjoyment of the process again even before finishing my first paragraph of writing – for I was again opening up layers that disclosed the mysteries of myself and my own behavior. And I mean, what is more fascinating than getting to know yourself, to work on your issues and create opportunities for change; by yourself? I mean, if that ain’t pretty awesome I don’t know what is.

— Testimonial by L.V.

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