Recruiter Feature: Gabriël Zamora Moreno

Recruiter FeatureHi my name is Gabriël and I am currently living, working and studying law in Ghent, Belgium – I have been participating in the Desteni I process for more than a year now and am very glad that I decided to join this course! My interests are in improving the system (law) and self-education. I am for instance exploring ways to enhance my reading skills – which is a practical necessity as well since I am required to do a lot of reading for my law courses besides my fulltime job. Thus I am experiencing firsthand how I am responsible for my own limitations and how I can direct myself to expand if I choose to. What I particularly like within the DIP is the format in which the whole course is done with an online buddying system – as I am now in my second university experience in my life, I can definitely say that DIP is quite some steps ahead in comparison to the conventional teaching and education methods at universities. In DIP the focus is also on stopping those patterns and behaviors within ourselves through which we are actually harming ourselves and others, or that cause us to be ineffective in our lives – and thus truly becoming a better and more effective person. So, this course is only for those who care about themselves and want to find out who they really can be!

If you’d like to be supported by Gabriël in Desteni I Process, register and pick him as the recruiter.

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