Recruiter Feature: Fred Cheung

Recruiter FeatureHi, my name is Fred Cheung. I am from Hong Kong currently living in Vancouver Canada. Before I was a programmer and have studied many programming languages. I had studied chiromancy for 15 years, horoscopes to analyze personalities and fortune telling stuffs. Have been a realtor(serving people on buy and sell properties) for short period. I am currently working on selling Education Software to train children to excel in their studies. After I discovered Desteni and studied the materials for seven months, I decided to contribute as a Chinese and participate in Chinese translation for 2 years. I have Setup a youtube channel DesteniChineseTD.

I am devoting the rest of my life to Desteni — aiming at Practically building a Oneness Equality World through a Equal Money System because that is really how we practically can solve all sorts of conflicts, war, famine, all sorts of enslavement(especially on children), that it is totally pointless only based on everyone’s Greediness/Daydreaming of one day take over the billionaires. Wouldn’t you agree it is total Disasters that only to serve a handful living like kings or queens of the world, in their little energy heaven that lead to 95% of the majority suffer and work their breathe out every day until death.

Because this is my only Life I definitely won’t call the above as living and I don’t want our children or children to come live like enslaved zombies everyday enslaved inside the Greediness enslavement pyramid till 60 years later they die. Don’t you agree Life should be fun and we all work, contribute, live, laugh, rest Equally support each other. Taking care of everyone’s basic necessities Equally. This is the greatest gift I can contribute/give to the children to come.

What I have learned from Desteni I Process so far, is an efficient way to do self-forgiveness to clean my past, really cleanse my thoughts and they are not interfering me anymore. Before what I accepted, allowed and practiced in the past was like haunting ghosts that keep pop up in my head and I was like: Oh No! What do I do now!? How do I stop my thoughts!? I found out effective self-honest self-forgiveness clean the nature inside me once and for all.

It is an effective way in supporting myself and Desteni at the same time. I am quite surprised and happy that through DIP, I could learn something useful, clean myself effectively, contribute and support Desteni, Equal Money, World Equality and earn my Financial Stability at the same time – to me it is an Golden Opportunity for me in our Difficult Time Ahead.

I would like to share my story of how I found Desteni – Part 1:

If you’d like to be supported by Fred in Desteni I Process, register and pick him as the recruiter. View Fred’s profile.

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