Recruiter Feature: Fidelis Amor Spies

Recruiter FeatureI am a South-African, 24, born in a christian family. I am musician and produce music at home. I have been part of the Desteni I process research for 5 years. My mother’s death took a toll on me when she died of cancer while I was in high school. I simply died inside and walked life as a zombie. You can read more about that here.

The silent type, introvert and had no clear plans for the future. If I had to explain my experience of myself back then it was as if I was standing back inside myself – almost like sitting back and watching a movie. I did not participate really and avoided conversations with people.

Since I started with applying the tools of the Desteni I Process I realized that I actually have power. I have the power to change myself and the experience of myself. And I did. I went back to the experience of my mother’s death and faced all points related to it. With the tools of the Desteni I Process I gave myself Life, I moved on. I realized points within myself that I never would have considered possible. I am the creator of myself and all my experiences and have been redesigning myself so that I can be effective in everything I do.

Another Major point regarding the Desteni I Process is the massive amount of support. The whole system is based on support so there is always someone there to assist you so that you are not alone and struggling. I would not be here where I am now without the support I received throughout the years.
That was all the proof I needed if this course works or not. I proofed it to myself. Now I have found a point of stability and certainty which I never had before – that I am able to face and move past any point within myself and my life by applying the tools I have learned.

I’m not saying it is easy – but it is definitely worth it.

Thanks for reading.

“I am a Destonian” a song produced by Fidelis Spies

If you’d like to be supported by Fidelis in Desteni I Process, register and pick him as the recruiter. View Fidelis’ profile.

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