Pierce Through your Programming – Create your own Destiny!

When it comes to our inner reality, we easily get caught up in all that we see and experience – not having the vocabulary to pin-point what exactly it is we’re working with, nor having the tools, methods and techniques to trace where all these experiences are coming from. While we may intend to address our weaknesses, we often end up creating more layers of characters, personalities and consequences, taking us further away from our authentic self-expression. For instance, we start projecting false confidence to deal with our inner insecurity, or we use anger to suppress a deep-seated experience of powerlessness.

The SRA Walk at Desteni ‘I’ Process exists to provide that very guidance – allowing you to for the first time pierce through your programming, become the directive principle within yourself, and create your life and destiny in authenticity.

The SRA Walk boasts a series of 4 online courses where you’ll access exclusive material, master one-of-a-kind tools and techniques and be supported by a personal coach every step of the way.

Desteni ‘I’ Process currently offers a 50% discount on the monthly fees for the first SRA course if you enroll in the SRA Walk before January 2019!

Read testimonials of other SRA students and witness the insight an SRA student develops in these Video Discussions!

If you’re ready and willing to take responsibility for yourself and travel through the maze of your mind to find the gifts of life you have stowed away within you – then we are here with you… all the way.



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