News from the Destonians, Week 2

Grab a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage, and enjoy the latest writings and self-forgiveness application by the Desteni I Process participants: The Elite’s delusion of stress – Maya looks at how easy it is for those of us with enough food on the table, comfortable houses, computers and all around the standard needs met, to fall into the illusion of being stressed. Joe Kou says he’s not a “Who” and explores the topic of development throughout the (childhood)years. Katie writes about Birthdays in a way that you would not expect in Your First Tradition: Spoiled Rotten Birthday. A peek into Kristina Salas’ day at work and how it’s not so easy to direct responsibility within a group of people is shared under the title Pattern of Fear and Resentment Play-out at Work. Competition Comparison Judgement Fear Motivation Movement is a post by Mike McDonald on his Journey to Life blog. As the title suggests, this is going to be about comparing and competing with others. Andrew Gable utilizes self-forgiveness and goes from an injured wrist to finding how it is that he is Doing The Bare Minimum. Self-judgement and back-chat is effectively addressed by Cathy Craft in her My Mind Said  ———> Run!. That’s all for this week. To get more, visit and check out the profiles of the Desteni I Process Recruiters/Buddies.

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