Money on My Mind and DIP Pro


Recently I saw some reactions surface within me that I had not seen in quite some time…. well, I did not see them within me per se, but I have seem them recently.

Let me explain.

I am currently walking the Desteni I Process Pro Course, and currently am busy with walking a Money Mind Construct. If you don’t know what a Mind Construct is I suggest you read and investigate the Desteni Material for a more comprehensive understanding. Though I will say it’s basically a direct look at ALL the memories existing within you in relation to a particular point, so for my case it’s money at the moment, and ALL the feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, self-definitions, perceptions, ect you’ve created about yourself and that point (money), and essentially supports you to align yourself to an equal relationship with that point (money) so that you are no longer enslaved , limited, or influenced by your past (memories of money), and rather are directive within who you are in relation to that particular point (money). Needless to say there is a lot of information we have stored within ourselves/our minds, it’s no wonder we feel a heaviness in this existence, the shit we are carrying around inside ourselves.

Okay, so back to the point I wanted to make here. I have had these reactions come up recently in relation to money, though I had not had those particular reactions in quite some time, though I have seen them, as I mentioned, through walking a Money Mind Construct in the Desteni I Process Pro Course. And what I found SO COOL was while these reactions were coming up within me, a few phrases here and there based in fear about the future and making money, I immediately realized this is EXACTLY the same thought patterns I’m working with in my Money Mind Construct. So I knew right away this was a pattern of mine – to go into fear in relation to money and the future, and from there create projections of ‘what to do’ and create both positive and negative ‘what ifs’. Though, because I was able to identify right away this was a pattern of mine in relation to money, I was immediately able to stop, breathe and no longer participate in it, because I already knew… this is a pattern, this is a point of fear I’ve accepted and allowed within myself, and I’ve seen the consequences of how this thought pattern plays out, usually a form of suppression or compounded anxiety.

So this is why DIP Pro is AMAZING… we are able to see directly who we are as our mind, as the thought patterns played out in memories that exist within us and that we participate with and say, “Oh wait… I’ve seen you before, I understand what you are, you are Fear, and I’m no longer accepting and allowing fear to influence or direct me.” And so you stop, because you realize it’s a pattern, it’s YOUR construction as the creation of your mind, and it does not actually serve you it only reinforces the irrationality of our mind as how we’ve created it.

The mind is truly a Maze, though with DIP Pro, you are given the route to move through it, to go through it, deconstruct it, let go of that which no longer serves what is best for you, re-organize it, input beneficial understandings about yourself and principles you can apply….

Once you’ve identified for yourself patterns you’ve lived out time, and time again… you begin to see how you let it influence you, how it makes you feel, what self-definitions you are accepting about yourself within it, what limitations you are holding onto, and ultimately how you can stop and change it to allow room to nurture your utmost potential. DIP Pro supported in this moment for me.

— Testimonial by Kristina

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