How DIP Lite Improved my Life

Klavdija shares the changes she has noticed in her life after she started using the DIP Lite tools:

I sdiplite-improved-my-lifetarted with DIP Lite in December 2014 when I start with the course. I was doing it almost every day. I learn a lot about me and how I work. Now I know that all people have similar problems. DIP Lite course gives you a good basic understanding about how to change yourself.

I have a lot of pimples on my face, but now it is cleaner. I had painful menstruations too. The pain was so strong that I had to take a pill the first day of menstruation. Then I talked with someone about this problem and he gave me a link to the post about it. I read it. There it was explained why we have painful menstruation. We hate our body. Because of this, I decide to write a blog on this subject, because I know how to write to help myself which is what I learned through the course and when I started to write a blog. I see the results. Lately it does not hurt so much and I don’t need the pills anymore.

I know that this is only the beginning and that I must work more on accepting my body, but this is the beginning of my change to a better life. I see changes in other parts of my life as well. DIP Lite course gave me the basic knowledge on how to improve my life.

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