Feeling Overwhelmed?

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Here is why

We face so many problems in one day, not to mention our entire lives. These problems can manifest in our relationships, our words, or even in the habits we become addicted to. More often than not, we feel like we can’t solve the problems, which can be an overwhelming experience.

We tend to fixate on solving the problem directly without understanding how we created it, where is the origin, or what is driving it.

Sometimes we find solutions, but they feel like a crutch, something that we have to do extra and more of, because we know that the problem is only being suppressed or taken care of temporarily. This is something that for example many alcoholics and porn addicts find, they still have the desire within them even though they stopped, and a small moment of giving in can create the entire problem all over again. This creates stress and anxiety that can have a substantial effect on our well being, our mentality and behaviors, because we know that even though we “solved” the problem, we know that it is still in us and can be awaken at any moment.

With the DIP courses we take you through HOW the mind works, what feelings and emotions are, how our memories running in the back ground are running our lives, how to identify them, how to understand them and finally how to stop them. At DIP we take you to the roots of how and why things are happening in your reality to truly empower you to develop long lasting solutions for the issues you face in life.

Join today and only pay half price for the first three months to see for yourself what DIP can give to you.

This sign up Special is only available Until the 27th of October 2016

Copy and past and email this post to this email – dip@desteni.org to sign up for this special.

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