Desteni I Process Lite Now Available

Desteni I Process Lite Logo

Desteni I Process Lite is a completely free online course with buddy support. We’ve worked hard to bring the Desteni I Process to a complete beginner to the world of self-improvement, self-support, self-help and the Desteni material in general. This course places no, to very little requirements onto the student, especially in relation to the technicalities of being part of such a course.

Everything is on the Web

Everything happens on the DIP Lite website itself. You read your material, watch an occasional video and submit your feedback right on the web page you’re at. When your buddy responds, you get a notifications into your inbox. Simple.

No Time Constraints

You can walk DIP Lite completely on your own pace. The course contains a total of 6 lessons. With a slow pace, you’ll complete these in about 6 months. If you want, you can go much faster.

It’s Free

The entire DIP Lite course is completely free. Period.

Enjoy it!

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