Agreements: Redefining Relationships – Review

Andreas shares his experience of walking the “Agreements: Redefining Relatinoships” Course of DIP PRo:


“Within the last few years of walking the Desteni Relationship and Agreement Course, I have been going through quite a lot. A lot has changed within me and my world. I have moved from the countryside to a city, from being a student to working a job, from living and walking alone to living with another and walking an agreement with a partner.

Though the Course didn´t magically get me a partner, through walking it, I created the preconditions to embrace the opportunity of walking an agreement with another being when it opened up.

When I started walking the course I was very isolated with only minor social interaction. I was living alone and my last relationship was six years gone. Now I realize that, I was very afraid of relationships and had created a big resistance towards them. The relationship and agreement course helped me to see that this fear and resistance is actually a fear and resistance towards myself, to parts of me, things within me that I would rather not face. Facing, changing and integrating those parts of oneself is a vital/crucial step to unify oneself, to actually become equal and one, which is the foundation for any real relationship or agreement with another person/partner

In the Course I have learned the fundamental tools of writing and self-forgiveness, and how to use them to assist and support myself in facing and unifying my Self. You will be guided through the points and patterns that commonly make relationships fall and you will be presented with and see effective solutions to master those challenges. Besides gaining an in-depth understanding of how relationships and agreements work, I could also work on and change some more personal points like procrastination, resistances and being unspecific in my writing.

A really awesome part of the course is the redefining and living of words, where one is opening up a whole world of potential for self-creation and creating one’s relationships.

I am really grateful for the buddy-system, the chats with my buddy were always supportive and helped me clarify and direct points in my life and relationships. Through the Agreement Course I have built trust in myself to be able to define, investigate and solve the problems and challenges an agreement and relationships may present me with. I am confident that I am able to create and live relationships that are supportive for me and others.

— Andreas”

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