Desteni ‘I’ Process: Creating Self-Stability in Relationships

Adrian has shared a testimony of how Mind Constructs has assisted him to create self-stability within his relationships and interactions with others. You can find the original blog here:

In the past coperson-723557_640uple weeks I’ve been working a little more consistently at my Desteni I Process life coaching course and I’m grateful that I have. I’m still not spending as much time as I’d like to on it, so this is a goal of mine. It’s fascinating because of course the reason I might justify not working on it, and why it is not a top priority is not understanding how critical it is to my life. It’s easy to find excuses, especially when I am busy with things like work, but interestingly enough, that is the opposite of the truth as I am seeing how important it is for my work (and the rest of my life, for that mater) that I work consistently at DIP.

I saw this directly when working on a mind construct wherein I went into past experience with one of my parents to see how I had defined myself within myself and who I am towards others within such experiences – how I had come to develop all kinds of behavior patterns through misunderstandings in negative past experiences. I saw a connection between how I reacted toward that parent in certain experiences and how these reactions came to be behavior patterns/ways of dealing with other people in my world, and how they ultimately do not serve me as I am being reactive and living based on memories. So, it turns out that to be effective in my work, it is critical that I work on my DIP so that I am effective within my relationships/interactions with other people.

Like most things, it can very challenging to get myself to do the work, especially since it is always like going into the unknown and you don’t quite know what you’re going to get, or you don’t see the immediate benefit of that work – and yet here I can see that there is tremendous benefit, to the point where I actually would like to get onto the next mind construct because I know it will really stabilize and clear myself so that I am truly effective within all my other relationship/interactions. It is fascinating how so much of the way we learn to behave/interact with others is based on how we defined ourselves/others based on past experiences with our parents, as, for most people, they play the biggest influential role in the development of a child’s life.

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What the FAQ is DIP?

This is a transcription of a voice recording by Cerise Poolman – here is the link to the soundfile:
One of the very common things that you will hear people say is: “I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am.” Well now – sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how things work.

We are very much in, shall I say, ‘control’, but really what I mean is ‘directive principle’ of who we are. We have with the technology available to us in this day and age more than enough opportunities to investigate ourselves to the point where we can understand how the mind works, how did we get to be this way where we claim that we cannot change.

Desteni ‘I’ Process is one of those ways where you can investigate why you are who you are. Naturally, that means that it can be quite a challenging process to walk. Not difficult, simply that it is something that your mind doesn’t really want you to do, because by doing DIP, you are taking control back in becoming the directive principle of your day-to-day life, which means that your mind will no longer be in control – which obviously is something that it is not very impressed with. So – from that respect it can be a challenge to sit down and actually work through the information that you need to work through.

DIP gives you the tools and the understanding to start investigating yourself – far deeper than any conventional self-improvement or self-support structure is able to give. In DIP, you will have the opportunity to trace back the exact moment in which you accepted and allowed yourself to participate in a particular pattern that then became a repetitive and cyclical pattern that repeated throughout your life. In other words: a personality! You’ll be able to trace back the exact thought that triggered the development of a personality within you. You’ll be able to trace back the exact event in your life that held an emotional charge that then led to the development of a particular behavioural or thought pattern within you.

Who else can claim to offer a course that does what DIP does?

There is no fluffy magic involved – there is no ‘happy-feel-good feelings’. It is simply a support structure that provides YOU with the tools, a buddy to support you and guide you through and the understanding to investigate and change Yourself. It’s ALL up to You, just like everything in life. You cannot shirk responsibility onto someone else, you cannot blame someone else for your particular actions or inactions. In DIP it’s all up to you, your movement or non-movement is up to you. And it does require self-movement. If you do not move yourself, then nothing happens.

So – if you are ready to commit yourself and live the commitment of REAL Self-Investigation and REAL Change, then investigate Desteni ‘I’ Process. Start with DIP Lite – which is absolutely free. Once you’re done there, move on to DIP Pro – which has a sponsorship program available, with very basic guidelines, and includes a buddy who you email and have chats with on a weekly basis to support you through the lesson material and through completing your assignments. And when I say ‘assignment’ I don’t mean like a ‘school assignment’, I mean a self-development and self-investigative assignment – a self-movement – because that’s all that it’s about. YOU will move as far and as fast as YOU choose to.

So – are you up for the challenge of facing who you really are and facing the choice of changing yourself?


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DIP is Always with Me – Testimonial

Barbara-SRAThis photo was taken in a cute little cafe in Munich where I had some freshly pressed orange juice and M. some hot cocoa. It had been raining for some days and we needed some change of environment. We hardly go anywhere without our laptops since we both are very keen on getting on with our assignments for the Desteni ‘I’ Process Course, or Structural Resonance Alignment Course as it is also referred to, as much as we can.

I’ve been walking the SRA/DIP for some years now, since January 2010 in fact, so from pretty much the very beginning of it having been conceived. I can honestly say that it has been one of my most self-empowering endeavors so far.

I started it when I was at a point in my life, where I didn’t know how to proceed. On a deep down level I had realized that my marriage had come to an end. Still I had not seen it within me to follow through with my decision to leave, in fact it went so far that I denied within me even having made any such decision for myself at all. I did not know how to direct all or any of the fears and emotions around surviving in the system and was terrified of stepping out of the familiarity of what had become a very controlling and verbally abusive relationship. I had conditioned myself to survive by way of suppressing myself, my feelings and emotions to a degree where I felt extremely diminished and completely inadequate.

So some months into the course I was able to gradually pick myself up again, so to speak. I learned what the mind is. I learned the language of the mind and what components it is constituted of and so I was eventually able to see what I was doing inside myself, within and as the mind, how I was creating my experience and external situations. I learned how to relate instances and events, how to bring them here before me in a way that I could look at them objectively, to see their progression and unfolding. This way I was able to reveal to myself how I had indeed always created my situations for myself, I could see who I was within it all and most importantly how I could get to a point of correction.

By walking the SRA course I have greatly empowered myself to direct what comes up in a self-responsible way with the tools I learned in the lessons and assignments. In this, the continuous dedicated support and assistance of my SRA buddy in our weekly chats, where I was provided with invaluable feedback and guidance, proved to be very helpful and enjoyable.

So, since starting the course I have gradually created a position of stability for myself again, in every way. I have realized that I had accumulated a whole lot of emotional burdens in my life by accessing and immediately suppressing my reactions within myself. Therefore, I am now committed to aligning myself with who I actually am as and within the physical – as Life. I have decided to investigate my mind-system participations and stop myself.

So here you see me making use of every free moment I can find to work through such self-suppressing patterns and entrapments and all their layers and dimensions. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is also fed-up with his/her own lived, allowed and accepted inadequacy and self-limitation and wants to bring about a worthwhile change within/as him- or herself to stand self-empowered, equal and one with life as best for all.

— Testimonial from Barbara

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I Found the Real Thing – Testimonial

compass-801763_1280Everything was going wrong in my life; relationships, friendships, my career and health. I didn’t know how to effectively navigate through life. I came to the startling realisation that if I continued in this way, I would die rather quickly. I wanted change, I knew there must be another way and I set out on a search for what is Real. I wanted the Real Thing and nothing less than that.

I found Desteni and with the tools they offer of self-forgiveness and self-correction I was guided in the most effective and friendliest way through my own head and mind, so that I could see and understand why my life had unfolded the way it had and could start giving direction to myself in longstanding relationships with others so that I no longer needed to repeat the mistakes of my past.

Through the DIP Lite, DIP Pro and Agreement Course I have developed Self-Trust. I can see that no matter what comes my way, I stand. It makes me humble to realize what I have developed in these courses. It is more than worth it to let go of the fake things in life and go for the Real Thing.

— Testimonial from Miranda

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DIP Mind Constructs Testimonial

Josh has shared a testimony of how some of the material within the DIP Pro course assisted him.

In brief, working through my first mind construct totally revolutionized the way that I see myself and my mind.

Read more on Josh’s blog.

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Desteni I Process Lite – Participant Review

A hangout with a DIP Lite participant that finished the course and enjoyed the experience. Liz shares some insights into how the course practically works and how she benefited from walking it.

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Desteni I Process Lite Now Available

Desteni I Process Lite Logo

Desteni I Process Lite is a completely free online course with buddy support. We’ve worked hard to bring the Desteni I Process to a complete beginner to the world of self-improvement, self-support, self-help and the Desteni material in general. This course places no, to very little requirements onto the student, especially in relation to the technicalities of being part of such a course.

Everything is on the Web

Everything happens on the DIP Lite website itself. You read your material, watch an occasional video and submit your feedback right on the web page you’re at. When your buddy responds, you get a notifications into your inbox. Simple.

No Time Constraints

You can walk DIP Lite completely on your own pace. The course contains a total of 6 lessons. With a slow pace, you’ll complete these in about 6 months. If you want, you can go much faster.

It’s Free

The entire DIP Lite course is completely free. Period.

Enjoy it!

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Most comprehensive resource of the Desteni Process participants – Desteni Ratings

We’ve launched a new simplistic website focused on bringing all the blogs and video channels Destonians utilize and produce their content for that brings it all together:

Desteni Ratings

This website also contains daily blogs and vlogs from people that are not (yet) walking the Desteni I Process, but are slowly but surely learning about and utilizing the tools of self-supportive writing, self-honesty, self-forgiveness, breath, common sense and self-commitment.

Everyone that is writing or vlogging utilizing the above tools is invited to join. If you’re interested, simply let us know on the Desteni Forum, where you can introduce yourself.


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News from the Destonians, Week 3 – The Music Edition

Many of the Desteni I Process members enjoy expressing themselves through music. This post lists some of the music creations Destonians shared with the world so far:

MFM Radio – Hell Spoof!

A folk like, humorous song with an important message. Featuring Matti Freeman and Niklas Nidahl.



Robot Virgins – What makes Me Starve In a World Of Plenty

We define ourselves on Earth through what we do and Allow without having a clue that that determine the Future of Everyone of Earth. For context read Day 15: Who am I? Prisoner of the Mind?



Equality Song

I Live in an Alternate Reality
My World is the Information that is Me
Its All Ive Ever Known that I can Be
My Thoughts Give Me Some Security…


Robot Virgins – Fire

We live in a World where Money is everything – Where Money has more value than life. This is causing immense suffering and abuse and there seems to be no solution in sight to put an end to it. For those who see the massive problem we face in this world but feel helpless to make a change — There is a solution.

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News from the Destonians, Week 2

Grab a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage, and enjoy the latest writings and self-forgiveness application by the Desteni I Process participants: The Elite’s delusion of stress – Maya looks at how easy it is for those of us with enough food on the table, comfortable houses, computers and all around the standard needs met, to fall into the illusion of being stressed. Joe Kou says he’s not a “Who” and explores the topic of development throughout the (childhood)years. Katie writes about Birthdays in a way that you would not expect in Your First Tradition: Spoiled Rotten Birthday. A peek into Kristina Salas’ day at work and how it’s not so easy to direct responsibility within a group of people is shared under the title Pattern of Fear and Resentment Play-out at Work. Competition Comparison Judgement Fear Motivation Movement is a post by Mike McDonald on his Journey to Life blog. As the title suggests, this is going to be about comparing and competing with others. Andrew Gable utilizes self-forgiveness and goes from an injured wrist to finding how it is that he is Doing The Bare Minimum. Self-judgement and back-chat is effectively addressed by Cathy Craft in her My Mind Said  ———> Run!. That’s all for this week. To get more, visit and check out the profiles of the Desteni I Process Recruiters/Buddies.

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